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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I don't have a fitting photo for today, so I'll just use a sky shot from a week ago. Yesterday was the first day I have missed posting an entry since I started this blog. I took a long nap because I was feeling so bad, then when I was up, Zach had Stewart's computer, Stewart had mine, and so I was without. Oh, well. Nothing much happened to talk about yesterday anyway. Despite being sick I did manage to cook a decent dinner, surprisingly - since that doesn't often happen even when I am well.
This morning I woke up later than usual to get ready for Mass, and get to the classroom building early. But it all worked out okay. Two teachers had called this week, one last night, to say they wouldn't be here this Sunday. But since we were having Christmas program practice anyway, it wasn't a big problem. I just had the music director extend the time he'd be working with the kids. Which was good too, since he has been saying that he really isn't getting as much time as is needed. I had to leave a message on his machine last night. Then I called the remaining teacher but couldn't reach her. I distributed as many of the notes to parents as I could before Mass, so they could secure the date, and would be planning for costumes if they could attend, and let us know if their children wouldn't be able to participate.
It turned out I was the lector this morning, which I thought I might be...but in my foggy state, I couldn't remember for sure. I quickly looked over the readings last night, and saw they were ones I was very familiar with, so I did okay this morning, despite feeling crumby??....crummy???... Well, you know what I mean.
After Mass there was some confusion about CCD breakfast. Annie had signed up last week and had prepared Hot Pockets in the hall, since that is where we were going to be practicing. But then with me trying to distribute more of the parent notes, and the one teacher and one parent in the breakfast room not yet knowing we were relocating to the hall, the kids got two breakfasts. Oh, well. They enjoyed it. Next Sunday, it'll run smoother.
I felt really tired again this afternoon, so took a nap, again...and woke up with another headache and coughing more too.
Oh - more weird dreams: Last night I had yet ANOTHER dream about alien space craft. Sheesh! What gives with that?! It's not a subject I'm even interested in. But it was something about lots of small space ships in our town and me being outside kind of trying to sneak away. Some people were not 'themselves' any more, but their bodies were now taken over by the aliens. It was not really scarey, I don't think...just more of an aggravation. LOL! I guess that came from all the new tv shows this season. I don't watch any of them, but I do see the commercials.
Then when I took my nap, I dreamed that a friend and I were driving around in a nearby tiny town (only different), and we drove into this run-down cemetery. It only had two sectons - more like double rows or something. It was on the edge of a fallow or else harvested field. I had hidden a letterbox by the road, because she (friend) needed a hobby and I was trying to get her interested in letterboxing. I had set a letterbox by the road with a big rock on top with her name on it. I hoped she would notice it. We got out of the car and were walking in the cemetery which was pretty trashy and barren. I picked up two discarded full tubes of something. One I pulled some dead grass off of, and realized that the grass had been plugging a hole in the tube. The stuff in it started leaking out. I couldn't read the writing on the tubes, but for some reason, in my dream, I needed glue for something, so hoped it was some kind of glue. The macabre thing was that at the end of each of the two rows or sections of graves, were large piles of skulls and other bones. Not all of the skulls were human, but many were. In the dream this didn't alarm us too very much. Then we noticed that two men were locking the gate so I ran and waved my arms to stop them. They saw me, and opened the gates again and started walking toward us. As they came down the road, they were fighting and one was really pounding on the other. And yet, they appeared in jolly spirits. When we reached each other, I asked if they were county employees and they said no, that they were members of some kind of comedy troup. I showed them the tubes and asked if they knew what they were. They said (and now I could read the label on the large, leaking one) it was rat bait. So I put them down by the fence. My friend and I went to her car so we could leave, and I told her about the letterbox which was right by where we parked. I was going to pick it up before I got in, but instead of being marked with a rock, it was now marked with a block of wood with her name on it. And instead of a small plastic letterbox, it was a larger cube 'trunk'. Being leary of what was in it, since someone had changed it, I left it there.
Weird. I think the piles of skulls and bones came from a book I looked at last night about ancient burials. Where the rest came from I have no idea.


At 11/14/2005 9:14 AM, Blogger Keith Petrus said...

Yes earth woman. IT WAS ONLY A DREAM.

At 11/14/2005 11:52 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Hmmm...what's that eerie glow in your eyes...?

At 11/15/2005 11:47 PM, Blogger Keith Petrus said...

"Some people were not 'themselves' any more, but their bodies were now taken over by the aliens. It was not really scarey, I don't think...just more of an aggravation."

That line strikes me as really funny. Damned aggravating alien invaders! Don't they know I've got more important things to concern myself with?

And speaking of aggravating things, two words: "Word Verification"


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