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Monday, November 14, 2005


Today has been a better day. I think I'll survive, but only time will tell. I went to Beeville today and picked up my medicine from the pharmacy, and loaded up on a couple of over the counter things for when it hits the next person. I stopped in Goodwill to look for boots, goat cheese making books and candlemaking books for a friend. They didn't have any of the books, but did have some boots. However since they were new or like new the price was way too high. I did find one pair of children's boots for the usual price of $3.99, and got them. I don't think they are the kind she is looking for though...if not I'll turn them into more mail art eventually. But then I have the pair I bought a couple of weeks ago. They may be more of what she's looking for, although they are children's sized too. The photo is of both pairs.
So Annie called today. She has someone who volunteered to provide breakfast for the students next Sunday.
Then she said, "Hey, you know those shoes and boots you had in your tree for Halloween?"
Me: "That wasn't for Halloween! That's for year around."
Annie:"......Oh....... Well, I saw a gray cowboy boot..."
Me: "Gray? They're all painted in pastels."
Annie: "Umm...well, maybe it was dark when I saw it."
Then she told me about a craft idea she had that she needed boots for. So that's why I looked for boots at Goodwill today. She's also planning to make some candles and hopefully goat cheese. I did get her a candlemaking book from eBay today. But no luck with goat cheese there either. Annie is our Number 1 fundraiser person for our religious education program. She is a real gem who is always ready to set aside her own things to help someone else. But I guess I can add her to the looooooooong list of people who just don't get my 'art'. ;)
In the month or two after I painted and hung all those shoes and boots from the crepe myrtle tree, no one said a word to me about it. One day a neighbor came over and was talking to me in the front yard. I could stand it no longer. I had to ask. "Did you see my shoe tree?" She said she had and asked if it was something for Father's Day. LOL! Nope! I just like it that way.


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