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Sunday, November 27, 2005


This little graphic was one that I used as my online signature for years. I love this little guy. Then one forum changed to pay, and the others changed to pay if you wanted more than 'basic', and on basic you couldn't use graphics. So not using this, I eventually lost it. I just found it again, and am using it on forum #1, which is no longer 'pay'.
Chuck and Zach poured a lot more concrete today over at the property, where they are building a barn. Chuck said Zachary worked really hard and did a really good job. He is sound asleep now, on the couch, and has been for quite a while. When they came home from over there, Chuck said he'd buy if I'd fly - to get pizza for dinner. I guess he's tired of turkey. So Zach and I went to Beeville, and while the pizzas were cooking, went to Walmart for cat food, Pledge, C.C.D. snacks, etc. I got a magazine and he got a book, too. They had these life size wall mount plastic deer heads that talk and sing. Good grief. And they cost $100. Good grief again. An abomination, and yet, strangely fascinating in a ghastly sort of way. Shudder...


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