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Friday, November 25, 2005


We had a nice Thanksgiving. It would have been better though, if Stewart, Ashley and Roy, Ashlyn and Alyson could have been here. The photo above was the only one taken that turned out clear and sharp.Those are our two youngest sons, Andrew and Garrett. I don't know what the problem was...tired photographer, I guess. It was a wild day. Andrew brought Buddha, and he was every bit as bouncy and playful as the last time I saw him, but about three times as large! Coconut, as wild and rough as she is, is also shy around dogs she doesn't know, and this was the first time they had seen each other. So she spent a lot of time hiding, cowering and squealing. Buddha wasn't even being rough. She was interested in him, but just too scared of him when he got near her, jumping and running.
The food was all good. Disaster was averted when I mistook the jar of cumin for the poultry seasoning. I had already dumped some into the dressing, when I noticed the smell. So I picked it out as best I could, and found the right jar, thankfully. There was a gravy snafu when I realized I had added all the chopped giblets to the dressing, failing to save any for giblet gravy. There wouldn't have been enough anyway. So I used some turkey gravy-in-a-jar (yuck!) that I happened to have in the cabinet. No giblet gravy this year.
Well, I was going to write a mushy 'thankful' entry tonight, but I am just too tired. I'll close with another weird dream I remembered and typed as soon as I woke up this morning...
I had this job where I worked with a small team of people fascilitating all kinds of events. In this instance we were organizing a business award event. I didn't like my job much, but was experienced and good at it. This was an outdoor event, with tables set up everywhere, a large stage, etc., and sort of a festival atmosphere...only it was formal. While I was working to try to get things ready, since the event was taking place shortly, I met the wife of this man who was my close co-worker. She was already sitting at one of the tables, waiting for him, and was complaining to me about how much he worked away from home etc. I was trying to be encouraging to her, but was extremely busy, and knew it just couldn't be helped, that that was how the job worked.
There was this large ladies room that all the women were keeping their purses in, and when I went in to get mine, it was missing. And in looking for it, I accidently knocked hers over. She had followed me in and was still whining to me, when it happened. I apologized, but was more concerned with finding my missing purse. I think I finally did. Not sure...
Then the dream changed. My part of the event set-up was over, so I walked past it to the side streets surrounding it. I was no longer dressed formally, and was much more relaxed. Chuck and I, and Reagan, Amy, Zach and Mathieu were in Bandera enjoying a little 'mini-vacation', I guess. We were walking down the streets stopping in various interesting shops. But it was more like Mexico than Bandera.
Chuck and I left the shopping district and went for a drive in the outlying area. Every house no matter how small or humble had very colorful flowers, veggies, vines, etc. growing in the yard. He wanted to take a longer drive, but I knew Reagan and Amy had been almost ready to go when we left, so we turned around to go back into town.
All the farm fields had golf greens (single hole) along the road sides - just straight shots in. But they were laid with white limestone chips, and had flowers in a wide circle around the holes. It was in honor of a famous golfer who died.


At 11/25/2005 1:20 AM, Blogger Keith Petrus said...

So Wanda, what are you smoking? Or perhaps, WHAT did you smoke when you were younger?

Just kidding;-) Those are some wacky dreams.

And I've been meaning to ask, what was it about "Mosquito Coast" that made it one of your favorite movies?

At 11/25/2005 9:22 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Nothing, honest! ...last night's dream was something about plastic (or white Silly String) spider webs in trees, and trying to photograph them well, by holding dark cardstock behind them. Just a fragment from an 'evaporated' dream.

Mosquito Coast... it's been ages since I saw that movie or read the book. I hope it wouldn't turn out to be like some of my favorites, that when I see or re-read them 20 years after declaring them my favorites, am appalled at how uninteresting or insipid they are now...

But the thing I remember about the movie is that I really admired the guy's intelligence and ability to make/create/do darn near anything. Yeah, he was crazy,too - but not so much at first. And I am intrigued with the idea of totally getting away from it all....immersing into another culture...and I am intrigued with eccentrics and people who are 'off the grid' (literally and figuratively). And then there was his disdain for consumerism and greed...

Well, that's the best I can remember right now. So, was this movie one you liked? Or one that you thought pandered to mental aberrations? ;)

At 11/25/2005 4:52 PM, Blogger "T" Van Hoecke said...

Hey Wanda, Glad you stop by my site on a regular basis, it reminds me to come on over here and poke around. Love your turkey handprint tablcloth!
Sounds like you had a nice day and thank goodness you avoided putting cumin in the stuffing! Yikes!


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