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Saturday, November 19, 2005


I've lounged around ALL day in my sock monkey pajamas. This is the life! At least for a day or two. It helps that it is cold and drizzley outside....and that I am sick. I did get a mountain of laundry folded and put away. Garrett came over, and I had him move the foot locker and about 8 boxes that Stewart left in the living room. He was running late the morning he left, and said he'd just email me with his address to mail them to him, instead of him taking them to the airport.
I finally got a grocery list made...then Chuck didn't go to the supermarket after all. I called Andrew about Thanksgiving. He is sick too, so don't know if he'll come or not. Zachary was over for awhile. He's spending the night, but he and Chuck may spend it over at the cabin, instead of here. I made a couple of task related phone calls. And someone dropped by with a C.C.D. question/request/snafu for me to sort out and take care of. Yeah, me with my head in a fog these days.
I had told some people I would take some pictures of the quilts I've made and upload them soon. But I am just not able to get the quilts from the top of the closet underneath ALL the quilts and blankets right now. (Gosh, do we really need 20+ blankets and quilts???) Anyway, when I was putting away some of Shabree's bedding, after I folded laundry, earlier, I saw two nice blankets that I got from Goodwill a couple of years ago. Both need repair. This is the best of the two. Look at all those cute vintage-looking cross stitch blocks. It is backed and edged with red flannel.


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