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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Amy called this morning to see if I wanted to go to Beeville with her and Mathieu. On the way, Mathieu got upset because he had left his dollar on the table at home. He had planned to buy an icee with it. Amy told him she would pay for it, but he loudly insisted he needed his dollar. He wanted us to turn around and go back and get his dollar. I asked him, if I gave him my dollar for the icee, if that would work. He said yes, so more yelling was averted. He just wanted to have a dollar himself and hold it until he gave it to the clerk at Walmart. ;) At HEB, I emptied some more photos from my digital camera. LOVE the quick convenience of those Kodak Picture Machines. Then at Walmart, I got art supplies - paints, a couple of packages of different kinds of paintbrushes, and a set of glitter glue pens for Ashlyn and Alyson. Oh, and a DVD - The Polar Express, and a really interesting historical book, The Black West, and a package of dog toys for Coconut, in an effort to keep her from chewing up everything we own. And Mathieu got his icee. ;)
At Tractor Supply I got two really cute pony purses for Ashlyn and Alyson, and the inside scoop for what Zach and Mathieu wanted, so I'll go back and get those things tomorrow.
Back at home, Andrew called and said he is over his virus and will be here for Thanksgiving. Shabree called too. I wish she could be here for Thanksgiving, but apparently she's not going to be able to, even though she wants to come, badly. Sigh... But she will be here for the Christmas holidays, thankfully.
An observation - this date used to be the one that everyone said, 'Do you remember where your were when you heard...?' Now, September 11th has taken over much of that distinction.


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