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Monday, September 29, 2008


Here they are all together, before it's time to send them off on swaps.
Autumn House

Crooked Little Haunted House #2

Tree House

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is for the Crooked Little Haunted House swap in the Charming Row Houses group on Swap-Bot. I was invited to join earlier in the week and am really enjoying it.
The back has the Emily Dickenson poem on it. I love that poem and it fits well with the theme. Coming soon: Autumn House and Treehouse.
If anyone out there likes arts and crafts or even swapping little non-handmade gifts, I highly recommend Swap-Bot. There are so many swaps available to choose from all the time, and the whole thing has a system that keeps things straight and relatively sure.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


These two are for a Dia de los Muertos Sharpie Challange on Swap-Bot.
And this one was for a Swap-Botter's son who has a thing for fishing and for watches. I combined the two. It went to him as a request from his mother in a Swap-Bot forum tag swap.

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Monday, September 22, 2008


This was sent to Colleen for a Swap-Bot Forum Tag swap. The other side had a different mixed-media picture on it, but I only photographed one side. (Lazy!)
This is for Kelly and is also a Swap-Bot forum tag swap. The tag was for something "Halloween" and in her profile she wrote that she really liked Edgar Allen Poe, so I came up with this.
Another Swap-Bot forum tag swap for Colleen. One of her requests was a green birthday card for her birthday at the end of September. So I tagged her for that.
And lastly, this is a postcard for Tristan, also as a Swap-Bot forum tag swap. It's a photocopy on cardstock of a painting I did in 2004. The Edgar Allen Poe envelope behind it, is the one I used to send Kelly's swap.

That is about all that has been going on around here lately. Just art and swaps, mostly. But don't the basil plants and coral vine look pretty in the art photos?

I have become active again in a doll photo and story group that I belong to, and have joined 2 more, besides. So before too long (I hope!) there will be doll doings on this blog again.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is the first time I have ever made a whimsey jar. The card is one I made years and years ago. I found it when I was digging through all my art shelves, drawers, bins and boxes today looking for images.

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Monday, September 15, 2008


It's been a month since I was here last! It's not that 1) Things are dull and I have nothing to blog about nor is it that 2) There is so much going on that I have no time to blog.
I just don't know what it is. I let blogging opportunities and photo opportunities pass. I get side-tracked and then the farther behind in blogging I get, the stronger the tendency is to just keep on letting it go. I still blame it on getting my new camera. By the way, my old one that broke irrepairably? Mathieu was running around in his yard yesterday with it taking photos. He now has a new memory card for it. I should have let him - young child that he is - work on it for me, before I gave up and gave it to him as a 'toy'.

Anyway - the photos above... The first one is one of several shots of the sky I took on my way down the highway last month. I noticed the rainbow colored wavy clouds lines showing from behind a huge, larger cloud. Strange. They were much brighter and more obvious in real life than in my photo.

Then there is Mathieu - the proud new owner of the camera formerly known as mine. It was Grandparent's Day at school last Monday morning, so we went and saw his classroom, playground, and other spots around campus.

The third photo is of a handmade stuffed felt owl I made for a Halloween ornament swap on Swap-Bot. I hope to mail it out today.

My other plans for today are to order more materials for two of the religious education classrooms at church, haul some garbage to the dump (fasinating, I know), deliver some things that need delivering, and start on some more artsy things - some handpainted postcards, a Halloween whimsey jar - all for swaps and then maybe soon, some for myself. I have an idea for the 'captured fairy' type jars that I want to try. Photos (eventually) if successful!

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