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Monday, September 22, 2008


This was sent to Colleen for a Swap-Bot Forum Tag swap. The other side had a different mixed-media picture on it, but I only photographed one side. (Lazy!)
This is for Kelly and is also a Swap-Bot forum tag swap. The tag was for something "Halloween" and in her profile she wrote that she really liked Edgar Allen Poe, so I came up with this.
Another Swap-Bot forum tag swap for Colleen. One of her requests was a green birthday card for her birthday at the end of September. So I tagged her for that.
And lastly, this is a postcard for Tristan, also as a Swap-Bot forum tag swap. It's a photocopy on cardstock of a painting I did in 2004. The Edgar Allen Poe envelope behind it, is the one I used to send Kelly's swap.

That is about all that has been going on around here lately. Just art and swaps, mostly. But don't the basil plants and coral vine look pretty in the art photos?

I have become active again in a doll photo and story group that I belong to, and have joined 2 more, besides. So before too long (I hope!) there will be doll doings on this blog again.

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