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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I really feel bad about not blogging very often this summer. There won't even be a photo with this entry, unless I add one later. Besides have so much going on, I think my troubles started when my old camera broke, and I got a new one. Nothing is simple any more. After getting the new camera, I had to install the software to the computer, and read the manual, and hope some of it sank in. This broke my stride...what little stride I had. Since then, I just cannot remember to take photos! I have sent off at least 22 pieces of art work in recent days, without even a photo to remember them by. :/ There have been several different happenings, of late, that I should have taken photos of, but just didn't even think of it until afterwards.

Let's see...

Our youngest son is getting married on Saturday, and there is still so much to finish up for that.

Also, we are moving, probably in about a month. Our house needs work, badly, and since Stewart just bought a piece of property that joins his land to ours, on the edge of town, we will be moving into that house. It is tiny, and there is no way all our stuff will fit, so it will be here and there. And before we move in, the carpeting will need to come up and new flooring put down. The new place does come with two nice little one room buildings on the property, though, so one will be my studio. I am really happy about that. But I am going to miss my much, much messier but more interesting yard.

Religious Education classes start for the school year in our parish again very soon. I have moved the date back farther than usual, until the Sunday after Labor Day, but's very close. Parent letters need to go out now, and I haven't even typed them yet. We still lack confirmation on one teacher, and if she declines, I'll probably be teaching that class as well as directing the program.

So that's what's on my mind at the moment.


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