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Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is a game that some of my grandchildren and I have been playing lately. It is of the type that I like: You create your little monster character out of a number of types and various color combinations. Then you have your monster's room or house, and a friendship tree that grows with the number of friends added. You also have a pinboard where you can send and receive messages from your friends. There are mini-games to play to earn 'Rox' (the money for Monstro City stores), plus there are the varied, educational and interesting puzzle games that you can play once a day to earn a larger amount of Rox. There are several stores in the city that you can shop in to buy monster food and a lot of funny, pretty, cute, monster-y items with which to furnish your room. There is much more to it all, as well... including 'The Daily Growl' newspaper - a colorful and interactive newspaper with all the latest additions and ideas for Monstro City.
If you'd like to give it a try or just look at my monster, AquaBerry's, room, here is the link. AquaBerry's Sky Room It should take you right to Aquaberry's room, and if you want to join, I get credit if you join from there. Thanks! :) Oh! And in my room, you can interact with some of the toys that show as clickable. For instance, click on the little pink monster music box, or the spider or the framed paintings, haunted doll house, spring egg, bat windchimes, hanging duster, etc.

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