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Thursday, May 08, 2008


One of the many blogs I read regularly is Rice Freeman-Zachary's Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. Rice (I can't make the pronunciation mark over the 'e'.) makes gorgeous altered clothing of all kinds, plus painted, stamped, sewn, beaded wall hangings, and lots of other great things. Here is the address of her blog: She just started an easy project yesterday and invited readers to work along with her. So, finally, I am taking her up on one of these tutorials. It's not actually a hard-and-fast 'tutorial', more like just a craft-along type of thing. You do it however you want to.
First, I cut the lower legs off of a random pair of my Goodwill Store jeans. Seeing as how the holes they had were in a rather unfortunate place, I choose to patch them with the same denium, not a bright, eye-catching fabric.
Here is the inside shot of the patch before I trimmed it around the edges. Disregard the huge bump where it doesn't lay flat. Oh, well... More photos to follow. I should have taken one more photo of them from the other side, after the patch and the holes were trimmed neatly. I also didn't use the decorative freehand machine sewing around the patch like she did, in the interest of keeping the holes and patches as unnoticeable as possible down there. I do plan to make some new holes on the legs though, so those can be patched decoratively. Maybe I should get to that now, before I run them through the washer to fray the bottoms.
More photos later...
Also, what a difference two weeks makes. In looking at the previous photos of the garden, I realized how huge it has grown since then! I took update photos and will post those tomorrow, probably.


At 5/08/2008 5:41 PM, Blogger RicĂ« said...

cool! you're going to have lots of fun playing with these!


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