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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I didn't buy anything today, although I came awfully close to the same online purchase I considered yesterday. But I think I am over it now. ;) Tomorrow, I will probably have to go to town and get some groceries and chicken feed.

There is nothing to really report on today. No egg from Goldilocks. :/ The mesclun is coming up nicely in the garden. It will be ready to get the first cutting very soon. The rainbow chard is up in places. I don't know why it is so spotty, though. And I think the tomatoes are up, barely. At least some of them. They are still too small to look like tomato plants, though, so I can't be sure if that's what they are yet.

The garden looks pretty awful at the moment with cardboard covering about half of it, and the plants being too small yet to look like anything much. The nut grass has come back up in full force, too, where there is no cardboard. If I do go to town tomorrow, I hope I can find some boxes to continue my project in the garden.

No photos today - and I hate having a blog entry with no photo. Especially since yesterday's photo was really lame. I'll have something tomorrow. I promise. Even if I have to just photograph individual plants or something. Or maybe hen portraits?


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