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Monday, March 31, 2008


I read about this challenge on Green Gringa's blog and then followed her link to the original on Crunchy Chicken's blog. The button above should take you right there. Or the button on the side. Either one.

The idea is to reduce one's consumerism and draw attention to one's own impulse buys and unnecessary purchases. Wish me luck! I am not a huge spender or even materialistic, but I do buy things when they strike my fancy. I have greatly slowed down on my magazine purchases in the past year. I used to buy around 10 each month. Now I buy Texas Gardening and Mary Englebreit's Home Companion most months and Taste of Home now and then...and an occasional craft type magazine of one kind or another. I do spend on video games and consoles and online games, but I think I have all I want now. No other purchases planned until The Sims 3 comes out in March of 2009. I am counting the days on that one! I'm pathetic, I know. But on the other hand I am extremely selective in the video games I buy. Only new offerings from the 2 game series' that I play.

From Crunchy Chicken's blog, here are the items to cut out on the challenge:

No new clothes

No new gadgets

No new furniture or housewares

No salon services

No makeup

No tools

No whatever the hell else people buy

Want to join in? Follow the link to Crunchy Chicken's blog.

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At 4/01/2008 2:48 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

I'm a "buy nothinger" too :). I followed the link on Crunchy's site to you and just wanted to say, "Hi", and good luck ;). It'll be fun ;).


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