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Thursday, March 06, 2008

3" X 3" MINIS

I made these for a 3"x3" challange. This one is Dandan (Cinnabar).
This one is Ash Wednesday.
Yesterday, I got all ready to take my van into the shop to be fixed (the horn isn't working) and then inspected, only to find that the battery was dead again. Chuck had just jumped it the evening before. Blah. I'm hoping to get it all done today, but...

Yesterday Lydia and I went out for lunch, then I went to the office later in the afternoon to get a new newsletter copied and sent out to the religious education families. That night, I went to Mass and then the parish council meeting. So I missed American Idol, but did get home in time to see the finale of Project Runway. Yay, Christian! I would have been happy if Jillian had won too. Her line was so cute (most of it), and I liked the knits she added. Rami had some pieces in his line that I loved, but some that I really didn't like, too. I hope all three of the finalists go on to successful careers as designers.

Tonight is Survivor! I am hoping Ozzy wins this season. He deserves it. He is so knowledgeable and capable about the outdoors and survival things, plus he is extremely athletic and very intelligent as well. And nice. Gosh, last week, he got sent to Exile Island, and in the short time he was 'looking for food', he followed all of the clues correctly (including swimming to another nearby island and back), found the idol, carved a replacement, and transfered the real one from his hat to his bag, right in front of Kathy and she didn't even notice a thing!

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