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Friday, February 29, 2008


I started a new art journal a few days ago. I have a couple of them in progress somewhere, but I'm not exactly sure where. They disappeared when Andrew came over on a guerrila cleaning mission about 3 Thanksgivings ago. I had bought several LARGE rubbermaid containers and he proceeded to toss every chunk of clutter in the kitchen and living/dining area into them until we filled up all I had. At least two of the containers are still filled and I hesitate to unload them, because of everything that will then be spewed back into the mix. "One of these days, ma....". Who knows where that quote comes from? Any guesses?

Gosh, I get rusty when I don't do art regularly. This is the first page I did in my new journal. Messy and unfocused. . And I had a sharpie issue.

Then there is this guy who showed up on my still unjournaled page. I had been wanting to draw a long faced woman with a short hairdo that I have seen lately and really liked. Only it turned out to be this fairy or elf looking guy, with thin, droopy hair. The colors did come out better in this one though.

See the Verve widget in the column to the right? That's a new-to-me site that shows blogs all over the world. You can click on it and get a map that comes closer and closer as you double-click on it, showing registered blogs in any area of the world. So if you have a blog, you might want to register it there to get on the map. I read about it on Rice Freeman-Zachery's blog. Sorry, I can't make the .. symbol for the correct pronunciation over the e in her name. On the map, she is the blogger in Midland, Texas.

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