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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I joined an ink blot character swap on Swap-Bot recently. We were supposed to send two characters and a short bio of them to our assigned partner. But these are too much fun to do. It was hard to stop. I will be posting the three that I sent my partner, over the next three days. I am doing them in order of my least favorite (although I still like Batrick a lot!) to my most favorite.

Batrick is a cute and artistic little bat who lives in the famous bat colony under the Congress Avenue Bridge in the middle of Austin, Texas. He does honor his roots and go the more traditional route for the month of October, usually, but mixes it up a bit for the other months. He attends art gatherings all over town and impresses the other bats with his various costumes such as his bright tie-dyed ones for the Jerry Garcia Birthday Fest held each year in Austin. The motto, ‘Keep Austin Weird’ is one that Batrick believes in.
In this picture you can see Batrick in his Count Dracula costume, on his way to a costume party.

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