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Monday, March 17, 2008


So this is my work crew I had this afternoon. And behind them is part of what we did...completely reworked my herb garden. It's still in progress, naturally, with another of those cinder block raised beds to put somewhere, but I am happy with it so far. I went to Beeville and got the blocks at McCoys, then got 5 large bags of soil. I know I am going to need more, but for now, it's good. Tomorrow, I hope to get the new herbs planted in both raised areas, and start on getting the soil prepared in the front of the old beds. It sure is going to look sparse for awhile until the plants get big and bushy. And I am going to have to dig up a new area to replace the part in the herb garden where Mathieu has created his 'frog and garden snake town'.

Andrew and Samantha came today and brought Shabree her birthday present a couple of days early - a pair of chickens. They are bantams. She named them Goldilocks and Nightshade, although that is subject to change.
I have an appointment with the dentist in the morning, and then I want to go get some fresh chicken feed and maybe a better laying box set-up. Then it is home to put Goldy and Nightshade into the chicken tractor which Zachary re-stapled for me today.

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At 3/23/2008 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Mathieu break out in song?

At 3/23/2008 4:04 PM, Blogger Wanda said...

It sure looks like it, doesn't it? But he is just posing. ;)


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