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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. We went to Mass this morning, got tacos afterwards and now I've just returned from taking Shabree back to Corpus Christi. Isn't that a great chalked message? Samantha, Andrew's fiance, did that yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo until the sun was kind of dim and it had been walked on a little bit.
As I said in my previous post, we had our Easter get-together yesterday. Shabree had her 12th birthday mid-week, but we included a birthday cake with our early Easter dinner. The icing is penuche, which my mother and aunt used to make ages ago. It was my favorite when I was a child. Penuche icing must have been popular around then. I remember when Mother started making it, and it seemed like so many other relatives and her friends made it then, too. Now, I never see or hear about it any more. A recent post on Cookbook Junkie's blog reminded me of it. This was the first time I have ever made it.
Laughing about me trying to pose her with the cake, so that her hand or arm hid the part where it had already been cut and sampled, she insisted that I pose with the cake too, and bend my arm to try to hide the cut place. I hadn't even thought about taking a photo of the cake until Andrew or Shabree (I forget which one) suggested it... two slices too late.
Speaking of Andrew, here he is posed by the tumbleweed he brought me a week ago, which I made into a sort of primative Easter basket/nest door decoration. No, he really isn't crazed and dangerous, like he appears in this photo. He is soft-spoken, quiet, kind, gentle, musical and artsy...and he likes to pose like a deranged person whenever I take his photo. Sheesh!
This is his fiance, Sam, who did the chalk drawing. See? Could a crazy person be engaged to someone this normal looking?
Then here is a shot of Garrett and his girlfriend's son, Corey. Everyone was just hanging around in the backyard after dinner. I didn't get a shot of Chuck, Amy, Reagan, Zach or Mathieu then. Chuck was taking a nap and Reagan and crew didn't come until later.
Our menu was much simpler this year than in the past. I used to be a regular Martha Stewart in many ways. I don't have the energy any more. We had it here at the house rather than at the cabin. Garrett did the barbequed ribs and Chuck did the barbecued sausage and hot dogs. I made a big Mexican Chef Salad, mass quantities of deviled eggs, the cake and we had a watermelon, too. That's little marzipan cookie carrots and cabbages and peas in the shells. No jello eggs, fruit salad, or ham and asparagus or the other half a dozen things I used to be sure to make. No complicated treasure hunt, hula hoop contest, bunny hop or bunny ears... just a small, simple Easter Egg hunt. I really liked not being stressed out before and exhausted afterwards.



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