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Monday, April 21, 2008


Pay no attention to 'Speak-No-Evil". He is being melodramatic. The starter is proofing and getting bubbly, and it does smell kind of strong, but it is not awful. This will be my second time to make a loaf of bread from the starter I began over the weekend. At first I was disappointed in the finished loaf, but it has grown on me. I've been calling it 'Lead Bread' and warning the grandchildren who were here this weekend, not to drop it on their feet, as it could break a toe. But they liked it a lot and ate quite a bit of it. I did, too. I think there is only the last end slice left. I am hoping this loaf is lighter, but if not, that's okay.
When I took Shabree back to Corpus Christi on Sunday afternoon, she took a carton of eggs and a bag of mesclun with her. She is very proud of the eggs her chickens lay.
We had a good heavy rain in the pre-dawn hours a few days ago. It has done wonders for the garden. Today, I did a little chopping in the garden and put in two more dismantled cardboard boxes. I noticed there was another tomato plant that had come up, late, so I weeded around it and put a tomato cage over it. I am jumping the gun in putting tomato cages over them when they are still so small, but it keeps the small plants marked and safe from being stepped on, while they grow into them.

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