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Monday, April 07, 2008


I really think I did pretty well this week, although this week wasn't TOO much different than most.

Thursday, I succumbed to temptation and bought an individual bag of chips and a Diet Coke at the corner store. I was hungry and this seemed quick and easy. Really, I shouldn't have, but it could have been worse. I also bought a local newspaper, but that is an allowed purchase, for me, as I can see what is going on around the area and I can always dream of seeing ads touting a farmer's market or locally grown veggies for sale or something like that. Dream on.

Friday, I went out to eat with two friends. I do this pretty often, but not as often as I used to. It was my turn to pay, so I bought the meals, but I really don't feel like I violated the challange. The money was paid to a local place, and I think it is a good thing to get together with friends and talk for an hour over lunch regularly.

Then today I bought another newpaper. I haven't read it yet, but hope springs eternal. It did have an article on an artist on the front, and the front of the second section had an article about a high school girl who is making and selling really nice jewelry - her own business. Of course, I am always late getting the twice a week county newspaper because I never think about it unless I am out somewhere and see them for sale. By then they are usually 3-4 days old.

Anyway, that is all I have to confess this week, I think.

It would be my dream for my town, or our nearby area to have three things:

1. A Farmers Market - I would love to have a place to buy (hopefully) organic or pesticide-free, chemical-free produce.

2. An Art...what?... gallery, studio, workshop, Something like that HERE, but not like workshops where they teach you to paint the stereotypical field of bluebonnets or scenes of Padre Island. Snooooze.... And something welcoming for just common people to do together, whatever the heck they want to do - even paint by numbers if that's what they felt like doing. The emphasis being on enjoyment, not on measuring up to any fine art standard. Just getting together and having fun painting or creating, no matter if anyone else likes it or not.

3. Something interesting taking place in the cemetery. I love old, non-cookie-cutter, non-manicured-to-the-nth-degree cemeteries. We don't have a really old, old cemetery with famous people buried here, like some in other places, that have guided tours in period costume with small vignettes and mini-reinactments in certain places, but still, wouldn't it be great to have some interesting activity out there? If not historical tours, maybe a Spoon River Anthology type of event, or maybe individual garden vegetable sales and art create-alongs under the huge oak out front for starters. That would make me three times happy all at once. ;)

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time, lately, puttering around in the veggie garden and the herb garden, sitting outside on the swing watching the garden and the animals, and playing a new online fashion design game. Yeah, fashion. Me. Unbelievable. I have become rich in FashionBuckz selling all my designs to what is probably the 10-14 year old girl crowd. ;)

I had a good friend visit twice this past weekend. La'Nelle and her family moved away from here several years back, but she had business in Corpus Christi, and was passing through. It was great to see her again.

We discussed so many things. One of them was the bee 'shortage'. I had seen a stray bee or two lately on the herbs, but today I saw what I guess were carpenter bees on one of the sweet myrtle bushes. And I did see a few more honey bees too. Hopefully there will be more when the herbs get bigger and are flowering. They were all over the basil last fall.

I am out of my beloved Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng, but I may have come up with a new alternative.
I tried this today and need to go out an get it now. It doesn't take long for sun tea to make here in our climate.

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At 4/09/2008 7:14 PM, Blogger Mrs. G said...

I am back to my blogging. Missed reading your blog.

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