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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Because of the three long rising processes, this loaf of bread was nearly an all day project. I had used mostly whole wheat flour in the starter, so that slowed it down too. And the fact that I chose to make the starter as a purist would and not 'cheat' by putting a little dry yeast into the mixture. Also, I misread the bread recipe and added 4 tablespoons of sugar instead of the 4 teaspoons the recipe called for. It was okay, I guess, but really pretty tasteless. Blah. It was heavy, too, and didn't have a sourdough flavor. I kept thinking that I could have made my regular yeast bread recipe that I always used and be done faster and have great tasting bread... But I am going to keep with this starter for awhile, and see if it improves.

In garden news, Shabree and I will be cutting the first batch of mesclun tomorrow. It could have been cut before now, but I let it grow a little longer. The chickens are doing a great job in their chicken tractor. Shabree and I moved it again today. I'm wondering if they are doing such a great job in clearing out garden weeds because they don't like the pellets I got them last time for feed. If they don't start eating them better by the time this (not so) small bag is done, I guess I'll go back to the other kind. After they clear this new patch where their tractor is, I will be moving them to smaller chicken tractors (one for each hen) and putting them between rows and in tighter spaces.

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At 4/23/2008 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanda-- I still have the bread recipe you gave me a hundred years ago, it's still the best! Back when I used to make sourdough bread (if I remember correctly) it took a while (with a new starter) for the sourdough taste to kick in. Almost as if the ranker the starter got, the better the bread. I never made it with whole wheat, that would make it heavier, I'm surprised yours rose that much. Also, if I recall, I added a wee little bit of vinegar for more of a sourdough taste-- I think I got that from a SF sourdough recipe. But of course I can't remember just how much of a 'wee' bit I added! You know who had a great sourdough recipe-- Barbara A... Well once again you've inspired me, I think I might try to make a loaf of 'your' bread for Joe, he comes home Thursday night. Bread is love, ya know. Love ya-- love yer blog! La'


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