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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Not bad! I could have cut more mesclun, but I wore out in the heat. I did cut all of the chard though. The squash are starting to come really fast, and the okra and bell peppers are putting more on, daily. The tomato plants have small green tomatoes on them, too.

A friend from church called me last night to help serve a funeral dinner this morning. Some of us always have to be there extra early to get things set up and ready, and to receive food as it comes in. So we tend to go and visit and enjoy our time waiting. I took my altered cut-offs to show and to my surprise, everyone seemed to really like them. I say, 'to my surprise' because my style is kind of off-kilter and funky.

Annie had her 4 year old grandson, Colton, with her until her daughter got home and came to pick him up. Meanwhile, he and I colored in his Spiderman coloring book.


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