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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I stalled out a few days due to busy-ness, but am back on track now. Here is the front with the decoratively patched holes. Rice suggested free-form machine stitching around the edges, but I didn't have the special foot and couldn't figure out how to lower the machine's feed dogs either. So they are just plain... sewn.
And here is a shot of the back of the cut-offs with the smaller holes by the pockets. Whoever these jeans belonged to before me must have actually used their hip pockets a lot, or put strain on them somehow.
After the patching came the painting. I used what I had, which was Marvy Fabric Brush Markers. I really needed white to color the eyes and highlight things, but didn't have it. I bought the two different sets that Walmart had at the time, and no white in either.
Mathieu and Zach were here this afternoon, while I was finishing up the painting. I did it while swinging in the porch swing and balancing the shorts on my leg. That accounts for the semi-off lettering. I am just glad that I got all the letters in....especially since I did it completely backwards, starting with the last word at the bottom, so as to not run out of room at the bottom. So anyway, Mat wanted to paint some fabric too, so drew a few pictures on his toy truck holding bag that he brought with him. He wanted Coconut to get in the photo with him, and he gathered and arranged the old rake head and the hoe in the photo, too.
Here is a better look at Mathieu's artwork.
I took advantage of the boys wanting to come over, and had Zachary sweep the living and dining room and Mat help me bathe Coconut. Mat was also thrilled to check all the garden plants and the chickens. No extra egg this evening, but he did pick some squash.


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