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Saturday, August 09, 2008


I didn't take many photos since I was so tired and also because I forgot to put the memory card in the camera. I had to just rely on the internal memory, which only extended to 21 photos. My photos did not turn out very well at all. The light was all wonky apparently, and I did nothing to adjust for it.
This is the wedding party. Andrew and Samantha are in the middle front. Our son, Garrett, with his dreadlocks tied back, is on the top left, with granddaughter, Shabree next to him, and son, Reagan, next to her. They had a photographer and several volunteers taking photos, so I wasn't really keeping up with photographing everything.
Here is Shabree with the wreath I made for the head table. The colors washed out terribly in the photo. It was really very vibrant.
This is my lovely daughter-in-law, Samantha, in her grandmother's pearls, talking to my Aunt Ruth.
The bride and groom's first dance was to Percy Sledge's, When A Man Loves A Woman.



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