The Bee Hive

Sometimes it's honey; sometimes it's sting...

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Okay, so it's not really 'crap', but that is my term for a plethora of stuff that needs to go somewhere besides my house.
My friend, Annie, and I sat out by the highway for a few hours on Friday and Saturday of Memorial weekend. We didn't do that great. :/ I did sell some eggs and she sold some of her tomatoes and pecans, but that was it. At least my fridge is not completely stuffed with eggs now...only halfway stuffed. The chickens are laying about a dozen a day, so it mounts up fast. I did sell some eggs from the house last week and then more at church Sunday.
The heat and strong wind really wore us out. It's strange how bone tired you can get even though you're just sitting in a chair most of the time. We do plan on doing it again, but not very soon. I'll probably need a new sign though, since I am using the one I had (painted on cardboard) out by the road at my house now.