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Friday, December 30, 2005


Here are (L to R) Shelly, Jenna, Barbara and Marlene relaxing before Marlene's Christmas open house begins. Barbara, Jenna and Shelly are also hosting the event as Marlene's best friend, and her honorary nieces.
If you want to know the beginning of the whole Wandette history you can read their story here:

Okay, the link didn't show up for me, so in case it is still not there, here is the URL:
You'll have to copy and paste it to a new window. Hopefully, that will work. Let me know if you have trouble.

From that page, look to the menu on the left and click on 'Pictures'. Then note that the chapters are in reverse order. Scroll down to the bottom and start with 'Wandette Story #1'. To read the story, you'll have to click on the first photo, then after reading the top, click on 'Next>' to proceed...

Please let me know if the link and instructions work correctly.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I made these today, and they will probably get some fine tuning before going on eBay later in the week.


This is a photo of my contribution - the seven of diamonds - to the Art For a Cure project. Artists designed and made small artworks with the theme, "Hope for a Cure". These were copied and produced to make decks of 54 playing cards being sold by Celtic Traders to raise money for the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation. I received my decks a few days ago, and the product is now being sold at To see the whole deck, go to Celtic Traders and click on the pink ribbon in the 'Featured Products' box.

No New Year's Resolutions for me. It's that time of year when I sit, exhausted and dazed trying to formulate my Post Christmas Resolutions in my aching head. So far, I have:

1. Start making and freezing cookies EARLY like normal people do.

2. The Posada while a beautiful tradition, is sooo daily. Nine nights out from Dec.16-24 is not all that enjoyable after the fatigue sets in. Try, try, TRY (again)to get someone else to organize and coordinate it.

3. Start buying and even wrapping things ridiculously early - like maybe right after Easter. Better yet, consider gift cards across the board for everyone except grandchildren.

4. Ditto for Christmas cards - EARLY. That would be a lovely summer activity. Leave them open for notes to be added - IF POSSIBLE - Dec. 1. Then mail them right away. Christmas cards are one of the things I really, really enjoy, and yet, for the second year in a row, I didn't have time to do more than buy them. At least I am ahead for next year, provided I can still find them by then.

5. Buy a living native tree or bush in the early Fall when they are plentiful. This would have prevented my 'Big Purple Disaster', and saved me hours of time and frustration.

6. Have an official 'scenery person' (not me) and costume coordinator (again, not me) for the parish's children's Christmas program. How I will manage to get two people for this, I have no idea, but 'hope springs eternal'...

That's it for now.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


This is a photo of Shabree in the church after Mass tonight. Garrett, Reagan, Amy, Zachary and Mathieu were here earlier for dinner and opening presents. Now it's late, and I am the only one up, waiting for Shabree to go to sleep so that I can put out her Santa Claus things.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


This is a photo from tonight's Posada. It was at Mary and Leo's house, and this was taken just before everyone went home. The men were all talking in the kitchen and in the breakfast room, but I got a photo of most of the women and one little boy, Miguel.

Zach is spending the night again tonight. It is hard getting he and Shabree to sleep. Aghh!!! They helped Chuck over at the cabin today. He bought them each a child size pair of leather work gloves. I don't know if they were still pouring cement into 'post holes' for the horse barn-in-progress or if they were fixing fence. But they both got to ride. Chuck was really proud of Shabree riding so well, although she scared him running Ruff or Trigger up the hill by the pond and back down again.

I managed to get the Christmas presents wrapped, finally. And made the rest of the molasses cookies from the dough saved in the refrigerator.

Friday, December 23, 2005


This is a photo of a game board I'm making for a mail art swap. It is The New Year's Resolution Game. Shabree and I tried it out today. I still need to coat it, and add the name to the back, then get it ready to mail.

Shabree and I went to the parish office party this afternoon. We had a good time, and before the party, I gathered the costumes from the hall, folded them and put them away until next time. Shabree and I also got the scenery things taken down and brought home. Hopefully, I'll remember to ask Chuck or Reagan to get the hay bales out of there this weekend. Anyway, the office party was nice. Lots of good food and conversation...And I forgot to take a single photo.

Amy dropped Zachary off on their way home from Normanna (where Mimi hosted a cookie baking marathon) and he, Shabree and I went to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this evening. It was really good. Then we went to the grocery store, and home. They about drove me crazy in the supermarket. Zach is spending the night. When we got home, Chuck was asleep in the recliner. They kept waking him up, wanting to go over to the cabin and spend the night. Chuck finally did get up and they did go. Sheesh! I can't say I don't like the peace and quiet though.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


This is a spread I did in Laura D.'s Birthday Journal somewhat recently. The Madonna and Child imprint is from a rubberstamp I carved.
Today was a less hectic day that most lately....not that I did much to take advantage of that fact. Mostly I just enjoyed not having to go anywhere and not having deadlines choking me. I mixed up a batch of molasses cookie dough and have it chilling in the fridge. Lydia called and invited me to a parish office Christmas party tomorrow, so I'll probably bake the cookies in the morning and take them. Shabree wrapped Zachary's and Mathieu's Christmas gifts... I emailed a birthday greeting to Stewart. And I sold one of my paintings on eBay! I won't mention for how embarrassingly little - LOL! But I painted it and it sold, so I am a happy camper. It sold to an art gallery. Not bad for something painted on the backside of a cereal box.
Shabree, Zachary and I went to Mass and the Penance Service at 6pm, then to the Posada afterwards which was at Sylvia Olivares' house.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This is a photo of our son, Garrett, with his daughter, Shabree. It was taken at the parish Christmas program last night.
Shabree and I went to Beeville around noon, ate at Taqueria Jalisco, then went to Walmart to finish our Christmas shopping and to Goodwill to drop off most of my old set of dishes, and see if they had anything interesting.
We just got home from tonight's Posada a little while ago. It was at the Casarez's in Tynan. There were quite a few people - maybe 30 or so. Their grandson played Joseph and a little girl who was there played Mary. We had Mathieu with us too. He was pretty good for the most part, but was anxious for the singing and praying to be over so he could eat. But he enjoyed walking around the streets in the dark from house to house, because I let him carry the flashlight. Amy and Reagan went to the school Christmas program to watch Zachary.
Yesterday was a long, busy day. Shabree and I spent all day in Corpus Christi doing some Christmas shopping. We ate lunch at Golden China and ran into the Orchards there. It was nice seeing them again. We got home in time for the Posada, but I sure was dragging. It was at Laura Rios' house. There were about 15 people there. It was sure good to get home and get comfortable, but I was too tired to do any gift wrapping, cookie making or anything else. I've GOT to make a start on it tomorrow!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005


The Christmas program and parish party is over for this year, and I can relax from all parish work, except for the Posada until January 8. Whew! It went pretty well, although it started late. I could not get the Posada guitar player in gear to START.
The kids were so cute, naturally, and their individual introductions and bows and solo walks across the stage, afterwards, went very well. A few of the smaller ones got out there in the center, and had to be urged to walk OFF the other side after taking their bow.
I managed to thank everyone individually and in detail afterwards in my remarks. I didn't forget anything or anyone, thankfully. And I gave everyone in my department a gift and card. So everyone should be feeling as appreciated as they are. Dinner was really delicious and there was so much left. We had more people there for this than we have had in a long, long time, and there was enough to feed twice as many.
I was so tired, I left the costumes in the hall, along with a lot of other things I'll have to go pick up, sort and put up as soon as I can.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I was up and dressed earlier than usual this morning, and planned to go over to the hall to work on the Christmas program props, etc. I was drinking my coffee and working on my to do list, when Annie called. I told her that I was planning to go work, and she said I should just relax today, and work in the hall tomorrow when there might be people there to help. So.... since I didn't want to go anywhere, anyway, I thought it over and then stayed home and sewed the new curtains and got them hung, and then hung the fake evergreen garland along the top of the kitchen bar, and hung all the Christmas cards we have gotten so far, on it. I am not nearly as fond of the new curtains as I was of the fabric on the bolt. But, oh, well...
I talked to Demetria on the phone, and made tentative arrangements for getting Shabree tomorrow. Chuck had to call Roland after he got home to arrange the details, since he's the one who will be home and so forth. So Chuck got home a little after 4pm, and went to get Zachary, so we could all go to Mass tonight. I went early to work in the hall, and got some things done, but when it came to covering the four panel stage side 'walls' with the blue tulle, it was painfully obvious that I I needed about three times as many 8 yard lengths as I had. So I had to come up with 'Plan B'. I got into the church just in time for Mass. Then after Mass, Zach and I headed to Clareville for tonight's Posada, and Chuck came home to call Roland, and get dinner from Chisholm. I had already printed out maps to their apartment in Austin.
The Posada tonight was at Ernest and Delia Soto's house. There were a LOT of people there. I'd guess about 60 or more. They have a large extended family and everyone was invited. The Soto's teenage daughter, Angelica, played the part of Mary, and their son, Salvador, was Joseph again. We had two guitar players tonight. Mr. Casarez came and played, and Mr. Hernandez, our usual Posada musician, came too. There were a lot of good voices. Then there was a huge delicious feast. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take photos tonight.
I drove back to Skidmore, and took Zachary home. Then I headed to Walmart in Beeville to remedy the shortage of tulle situation. I substituted two blue sheets for the underlayer, and will still see about using the gathered, fluffed tulle I already have to add some extra interest. Now if I can get the lights that are already there to reach and work, things will be fine.
I still have to get the cards/gifts for the teachers, aides, my assistant, my tireless fundraiser, and the music minister, (for all he has done in working with the students' presentation) done tonight, so I can have them ready by the program tomorrow evening. Also I need to get the notes to the parents done tonight, too.
The photo above is one I took a few days ago. It's a castor bean bloom in our front yard. We had lots of huge ones last year, but I uprooted them, since they are so highly toxic. However, a couple came back from dropped seed.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I woke up this morning to severe pain in my fingers. It was Coconut telling me she was ready for me to be up. She still has very sharp puppy teeth. And Carl was by my bed, with one paw on it, asking if he could get in bed too, if I wasn't going to get up. So I got up. It was a little later than usual and my two 'alarm clocks' knew it. So I got up at 8:30 and started in with ironing. I had two costumes to iron (Mary and a shepherd), and while I was at it, ironed a shirt and Carl's 4th of July collar cover...which I just recently took off of him when I put his Christmas one on him.
I'm exhausted this evening. Andrew called and I went to Beeville and picked him up so he could help with some chores around here and earn some extra Christmas money. He brought Buddha with him, too. We went to McDonald's drive-through for brunch (Narnia scenes and characters in the Happy Meals!)
He got some things picked up from the front yard - a folding work table thing, empty flower pots, and who knows what else. Then he cleaned off the back porch, and I couldn't believe the difference. He moved a ton of stuff to the shed/old horse stable. He even washed the porch and got rid of another ton of stuff, including the leftover roofing materials that have been in the way since summer. He took the box of newly washed scarecrow-wear up to the attic for me, then installed new curtain rods on the living/dining room windows. (To stave off boredom, I decided to pick this time to sew curtains for the three large living/dining room windows.)
I spent my time keeping the dogs happy. Buddha is just so happy to see Carl and Coconut, but he is so boisterous, strong and rough that Coconut is afraid of him, and Carl...well Carl doesn't like him on general principle. But they all three DID manage to play together today. Of course Coconut would only play while sitting in my lap. And then Buddha ended up in my lap too, so I had that jumping, biting and bouncing right in my face. And then Carl, souring on the idea of Buddha being on my lap, had to crawl up too. So for a while, I had all three of them in my lap. It's a wonder the chair springs didn't break. Carl is BIG, and while Buddha isn't too, too big yet, he is solid muscle and so, VERY heavy.
I got the tulle cut into equal pieces and then fluffed and gathered (with fishing line! Much quicker and easier than needle and thread!) to use as part of the Christmas program scenery, and gathered up all kinds of things from here that need to go with me to the hall tomorrow to be used there for or in preparation for the program. Also in the car are the things needed when I go to Posada each day - Mary and Joseph costumes, the booklets, etc. And loaded some things in there for Goodwill, too. So my house is a little emptier, but my van is stuffed.
I got the beginnings of another art piece base-painted, the broken reindeer leg hot-glued again to the Santa, sleigh and reindeer set...and Santa re-glued to his seat. Got one (1) gift wrapped and put in the box for Baghdad. Now to get the rest of the stuff packed in boxes and sent...
Reagan had called this morning and asked me to pick Zach up from school if he, Amy and Mathieu didn't get back from Corpus in time. So I went down there at 3pm, taking Coconut with me, got a good parking spot, and read a little bit of my Frida Kahlo book while waiting for the bell.
Back home, he helped Andrew for awhile, then got on the computer, while Andrew and I finished up various projects. When I realized it was getting kind of late, we had to hurry, because I had to get him back to Beeville, come back here and rush to the Posada by 7pm. I had hoped we would have time to go to the parish hall, so he could help me with the scenery and moving stuff around. And I wanted him to take a load of heavy stuff into the Goodwill Store for me, but it was closed by then anyway. We went through Whataburger's window for dinner. After Zach and I dropped Andrew and Buddha off, and got his stuff in the house, I realized that I had left my freshly base-coated art piece at home, outside. It was sprinkling in Beeville, but not in Skidmore, so I got it moved safely in the house. Then we had time to feed the cats before rushing over to Mrs. Martinez's for tonight's posada.
It went really well, and everyone had an enjoyable time. The photo above is of the three children there - Maria (who played the part of Mary), Zachary and Salvador (who played the part of Joseph). There were about 18-20 people there for tonight. Afterwards I took Zachary home, and went in to see Mathieu for a few minutes.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tuesday through Thursday

This is a photo of today's artwork. I made 7 Christmas cards from scratch (no pre-fab elements allowed) for a swap. The stamped image - which doesn't show up very well in the photo - is one I carved myself. Behind the cards, is my favorite Christmas decoration - the Santa, sleigh and reindeer that Andrew made me years ago. I love it.
Things are still just mounting up, but it does seem like I am making a dent in everything, finally. Only I still have so much that I haven't started on yet. Like writing and sending my regular Christmas cards, baking ahead (Ha, ha!), making a thorough shopping list of the foods and ingredients I need to buy for Christmas Eve and other events, and wrapping presents, or mailing off the stuff to Baghdad and the rest of the gifts to Ashley and family in Florida. I still have to finish the hall preparations for the Christmas program, Sunday evening. It looks like that will get done Saturday. And I've got to see about picking up Shabree from Austin.
Tuesday, I did get two boxes packed and mailed to Ashlyn and Alyson in Florida. I got the dining table cleared off a little and got ALL the laundry done, load after load, washed, dried and folded, including the scarecrow-wear from October, which now needs to be packed into a box and put back in the attic. I got a lot of smaller odds and ends taken care of, too, or at least moved along on the road to completion.
Andrew's website that he had to make for a real client (me) for an assignment is fantastic. It needs some tweaking, but I am so pleased with this parish Religious Education website that I didn't even know I wanted, until I saw it.
The Historical Society and Skidmore Signal Christmas dinner at Papa's was delicious. Betty Strong made the best dressing I have ever tasted. I enjoyed talking to the people there, and even got home in time to watch the finale of The Amazing Race, then answer some emails. But I was falling asleep in my chair before Amazing Race was even half over.
I made up for it Wednesday (last night) though, when I stayed awake doing art until 4 a.m. I got a lot of overdue projects finished. Some decos for a swap and some zap pages for another swap. I haven't had time to do much art since early October, and kind of lost my groove with it, but I was in my zone last night. I got up today at 8 and started in on the Christmas cards and envelopes. I think I owe art to about everyone on the internet from France, Russia, and Japan to LaVernia, Texas, and points in between. My current project is trying to construct a hokey, faintly humerous game board to mail. But it is not going very quickly.
Well, it's late and I am really tired, and have a lot to do in the morning, so that's it for my three day update.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This photo is from Saturday night when Shabree, Zach and I made cookies. I get so tired in the evenings now. Just when I NEED to be staying up to my normal 1 or 2am, I find it hard to keep my eyes open past 9 or 10.
Yesterday, Shabree wore the long black denium skirt, with the 'sparklies' in the fabric, that I had gotten her a while back. Only now it fit her. She must have grown a little taller. She practiced with the other kids for the Christmas program, since she will be back at the end of the week to spend her Christmas vacation here. She'll be here for the Posada too, so that's good. C.C.D. was busy yesterday with classes for the ones who did not want to or couldn't be in the Christmas program and practice for everyone else. I kept having to take care of one thing and then another, starting even before Mass. It was a very hectic morning.
Back home, Zach and Shabree played and then went over to Garrett's to watch him put up Christmas lights. Roland, her stepfather, came, with baby sisters in tow, to pick her up around noon. Zack dragged in the back door, looking so sad, with tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he just misses Shabree.
That evening, I returned to the church for Posada music practice. There were only eight of us there, but we practiced for two hours, surprisingly. It didn't seem but about half of that time. Annie was there, and she asked me if I'd come help Lydia the next day, because she was going to have to wait for a delivery man. I got home just in time to see the Survivor finale.
So late this morning, I went to the parish office, and helped out. We took a break to have lunch at Chisholm, then went back to work. Back home, I finally wrote the Santa letter to Ashlyn and Alyson that Ashley had asked me to do. Then I started in on laundry and dishes.
Chuck said he wanted to buy and cook a turkey for the parish party next Sunday, but when I called to check with Domingo, he said they had enough volunteers for that already, with about 8 turkeys. But he said that we still need cokes, kool-aid, etc. So we'll get that. I'm also taking a huge package of plates.
Annie said she'd do the sacks for me, for the kids at the party, so that's a load off my mind. Mrs. Anzualda and Lydia are going to donate apples, oranges and candy canes for the sacks. And Mich said she'd make the halos for the angels, so that is another big help for me.
The thought came to me yesterday that it would be really cute if the shepherds were carrying toy sheep. So I went to Beeville and bought all the stuffed sheep I could find...which was only 11. I'll see if any of the students have toy sheep they can bring, too. And I thought that stuffed farm animals on and around the hay bales in the stable would be a good idea too. I'll see how many I can round up. Mathieu has a large stuffed bull. I'd like to have cows, donkeys and chickens, too. I still have to make the 'sky' on the side panels and put tape for marks on the floor.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Chuck got the hay bales we needed for the Christmas program at the parish hall today. He called me so I could meet him over there and unlock the doors so he and Zach could unload them. So he set them up on the stage, and then he and Zach helped me finish moving the tables and chairs to the configuration needed for the Christmas program and party. I was sooo glad he stayed to help with that. I thought I'd be doing all the moving of tables and chairs myself, and those tables are long and heavy.
But the best news today, was that Roland dropped Shabree off here on his way to Corpus. He'll pick her up tomorrow on his way back through to Austin. We are thrilled to have her back, if only for a short time. She fixed and decorated the Wandette's Christmas tree and we moved the shelf height to accommodate it. Hopefully, tomorrow, I can get a photo of the finished scene. I got OUR new Christmas 'tree' decorated and it looks a LOT better than its predecessor. (My sister, Jan, emailed and said to save that photo in case she can find an Ugliest Christmas tree contest. I'd be a shoe-in!) Then Shabree and I went to Beeville to get her some winter pajamas, and she wanted the same kind I had so we could be dressed alike. She also got some winter church shoes and some Christmas socks. Then we ate at the taqueria and came home.
After a computer break for her, while I started supper, we made sugar cookie dough and put it in the refrigerator to chill. Zach didn't come with Chuck since he was at the Fire Department Christmas party until later. When he did get here, we took the dough out of the fridge and rolled and cut it. Previously Shabree had gone through all my cookie cutters and picked out about a dozen or so to use. After the last batch was out of the oven, I mixed 4 colors of icing for them, got out four kinds of sprinkles and a package of red hots, and let Shabree and Zach do all the decorating. I was ready to be off my feet.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, this photo was so embarrassing, I almost didn't show it. But then I figured, "What the heck!". Now the story:
We revived our tradition of having one or more Christmas tree disasters this year. I trimmed a large branch from our crepe myrtle tree, sprayed it white, set it in plaster and used that for our tree. I've done it before with various types of tree branches, and it's turned out beautiful. Unfortunately, it didn't work this year. To start with, the plaster base wasn't large and heavy enough. When I got the lights, tinsel and ornaments on it (the first time) it looked beautiful, but was a little top heavy. And since it was so spread out, it was a little awkward to walk around. Chuck bumped it, walking by and it fell. It demolished everything, but I sat it
back up 'as is', thinking to leave what damage was done, until the next day. However, the weight of the lights, etc. caused the branches to sag more, making it ever more top heavy, and later, when I went to unplug the lights for the night, I knocked it over again. This time, a smaller branch was broken off, as well as more of the twiggy little parts. It wouldn't set back up at all, so I set it on the floor, leaning between two small tables for the night. Then yesterday, I got a larger container and poured more plaster for a bigger base, and set it all back up again, starting from scratch with all the lights, tinsel and ornaments. It held, although the shape of the limb was not as attractive as previously, and it just wasn't pretty at all. In fact, it was hideous. The weight of the lights caused it to hump down more and more, and it looked rather like a large hulking bat, or a big purple claw. When I woke up this morning, the 'tree' that had originally been scraping the ceiling, was sagged from the low table where it sat almost to the floor! Soooooo I took it all down again, and threw that darn tree limb out the back door. I've thrown in the towel! I am disgusted at how many hours I wasted on that thing at a time when I am miles over my head in projects and tasks.
I guess I'll go to Walmart this afternoon and get the largest pot of Norfolk Island pine trees they have... which isn't going to be that large. And now I have about 2 strings of lights more than I need and more purple tinsel and ornaments that I'll ever need.
I usually get a living native tree for Christmas, and wanted an arborvitae this year, since they are cone shaped and we have a row of them at our cabin that needs some replacements. But there were none to be found. Norfolk Island pines are not native here, and I have killed several before, but at this point, the nurseries in Beeville don't even have a passable bush of any kind. And all Walmart has is the N.I. pines. Oh, well... In the future, I will remember not to use crepe myrtle, unless it is long dead and dried.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I finally got the 'tree' up today. It took quite a while. After putting the lights on, I found out I was about 15 ft. short. Since lights have to go on first, I decided to go to Beeville to find another string. And since I was having to go for that, I decided to hit the 'big three', because I needed a few things from the grocery store too. So I went to Walmart first, where they didn't have any white lights on white cord. But I did get some other things - silk holly for the graves, a tape measure, since both of mine have disappeared, and some tiny snowflake ornaments. I decided to stick with my original color plan of white, purple and blue. So then I moved on to Goodwill to donate the plastic bags I'd accumulated since the last time I was there. And then moved on to H.E.B. which by this time was packed with the after 3:30 crowd. I stopped at the photo machine and printed out the photos in my camera, and then got the few items that turned into a few dozen. But I did find the white on white lights I needed, there. :)
Back home, and I fed the animals, put the rest of the lights on the tree, and started dinner. Chuck called saying he was going to be a couple of hours late, as he was just then leaving Kingsville. He wanted me to tell Zach that he'd have to feed the horses and dogs tonight. He had told him the night before that he would do the feeding for him tonight, but didn't know he'd be working late. Then Amy, Zach and Mathieu came over. They had just got back from H.E.B. and dinner at McDonalds. I had Zach get my wrapping paper down from the attic. After they left, I finished the tree. It sticks out quite a bit, and the base is a little smaller and lighter than I'd like, so I wasn't too surprised when Chuck bumped it, getting around it after dinner and knocked it over. Rats! It had looked pretty darn good, too. I didn't reassemble it tonight, but will in the morning. I might go get more plaster and put the whole thing in a bigger container, too.
The hightlight of my mail today was the beautiful ornament you see above. It was made and sent to me by Sue. THANKS, Sue - I love it!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Nephew, Dan Mortensen, is on the cover of Western Horseman this month. That's him on the right. He is a 6 times World Champion Saddlebronc Rider. He won one World Champion All-Around, too.
Today was a better day, although I didn't do much of anything. But I was just glad not to have that awful headache. It lasted for two and a half days.
Oh - a correction to Sunday's blog entry... It is the LION'S CLUB annual Pancake Supper with Santa. The fire department gave the fundraiser over to the Lions several years ago. Thanks for the correction, Keith. And that sure is a cute little boy on the top article on the Skidmore Signal website. ;)
I have been working toward selling some things on ebay recently. I have all the change of email address and forms filled out, but haven't felt like actually putting the one item I have ready so far, on there. I have a compilation of children's school poems and illustrative artwork from the 60's through 90's from Tyler School in Beeville. I have no idea if it will sell or not, but thought I'd try it.
When Chuck came home from checking on the horses tonight, he said that ours was the darkest house in the neighborhood. He said it was embarrassing to be the only house not totally lit up with Christmas lights. He said he will have to get out and do something about it. We'll see. I know I'm not going to be trying to haul a ladder here in my van and lugging it around and climbing to the roof or anything. I have the lights, because I was hoping to buy a few good sized arborvitae trees to put the lights on, and set out in the yard until they could be planted to replace the ones he burnt down over at the cabin. But I couldn't find any this time of year.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today has not been an especially good one. My back/side is still hurting, and I have had a sinus (I guess) headache all day, and just feel really dull, draggy, weak and tired. And I got 8 hours of sleep last night. But my eyes were puffy and had dark circles under them this morning. I felt the same way yesterday afternoon, too, except for the headache.
After Mass, the kids practiced for the Christmas program for about half an hour. It was pretty much bedlam. One child got sick and threw up, and another cried that her stomach hurt. So many were absent this morning, too. And to top it off, so many kids are wanting and expecting to be angels, when we only need 2-4. Right now, 5 have been promised the part of angels. Sigh... So we will have 5, but NO MORE! Sheesh! This play is mostly focusing on SHEPHERDS, and our number of shepherds is diminishing. If I get to feeling better this week, I'll go over and move the tables and chairs around to the correct alignment for the 'dinner theater' so that when the kids practice next Sunday, it will be like it will for the program and dinner.
Also I need to get another note composed to the parents.
After we got home from church, I changed clothes and laid around in the recliner and on the couch. All day. How boring.
Tonight was the Fire Department's annual Pancake Supper with Santa. Chuck was over at the other place, helping finish the goat shed, but had Amy and Mathieu bring our dinners over here, when they went down to eat and see Santa. Mat has been wearing his Santa hat ever since he got it a few days ago. He even wears in UNDER his cowboy hat. I took his picture tonight when they were leaving.


I set my alarm very early so I'd make it to the conference room in plenty of time for the meeting I was hosting today. When I got there, I unlocked doors, swept the walkway, did a little straightening and decorating, and sat down to wait...and wait....and wait. I finally decided that no one was coming. But I was going over the jr. high and high school lesson for Sunday, so just stayed there...thank goodness! I had the time wrong and it started at 10a.m., not 9. I could have slept an extra hour! These meetings are for all the directors of religious education in the northern part of the diocese. There were about 14 people who came, plus Father Peter. There was a full agenda and a lot was discussed and lot got done. Then we had a great covered dish lunch. Several of them stayed late to talk longer. It was a good meeting.
We got cable today. We haven't had it for years. I'll get DSL too, but didn't yet. I had already paid in advance for a year of this dial up, but my year is almost over. It took hours for the guy to get it done this afternoon. And his ladder slipped off the roof edge and broke both sides of the kitchen window. Sigh... And then about an hour after it was all done and he left, I turned it on and tried to find the channels. It wasn't working right. We could only get about 11 channels. Luckily there were 5 Time-Warner trucks parked over at Junie and Henrietta's, so I ran over there to ask someone to come see what I was doing wrong. One man came, and he worked with it for quite awhile and couldn't figure it out. It had something to do with tv settings. Then another one came and he tried too. Finally a third came over and after some time, he figured it out. So Chuck and Zachary are watching the National Finals Rodeo on ESPN2 now. I'm glad to have HGTV and EWTN.
In the ongoing saga of the big screen tv, the remote is missing, and has been for some time, apparently. And when I was going home from the meeting and saw Sylvia in her yard, I stopped to tell her about the tv not being in the other youth room any more, she already knew. She was not happy. She said she had been planning to use it, when 'Poof!' it was gone. . . . . Anyway, she said the remote had been missing for awhile, and the tv wasn't working right. Father had told me that too. She wanted to know why Father called me about the whole thing instead of her. . . . I think I am just tired of the whole deal. I am ready for the unused, not quite working right, big screen tv to be gone...along with the headaches that go with it.
The mail art sheet above is a second one that came from Japan, from Ryosuke Cohen.

Friday, December 02, 2005


A few people have asked me if I've had any more dreams. Last night, I had several. I kept waking up and thinking, "I've GOT to remember this." But I didn't. I did remember some of the last one though. It was at a boarding school, and there were lots of kids coming out. School was out for several weeks. I was picking up 'my' kids. ...It was also kind of like 4H, because there were lots of white rabbits with the kids. Many were old and had things wrong with them - illnesses or old age. The scene changed and we were all parked at HEB in Beeville, and all these pet rabbits were turned loose, including ours. Not purposely, but more by accident in the process of kids getting in the cars, suitcases being loaded, and the general hub-bub going on. Later I noticed so many clusters of rabbits in downtown Beeville, some in front of the library, and other businesses, and some inside businesses where the doors were kept open. In one - Delphine's? - there were several rabbits laying on a low red tapestry footstool. I was checking to see if one was our rabbit, Sunny, but it wasn't. There were also some white cats in the mix with the rabbits. There was one little toddler boy who was leaning, pushing on the rabbit nearest him on the stool. I lifted him away, telling him the rabbit was real, and that hurt his stomach.
Then I went on down the street, stopping next door at a saddle shop to see if any rabbits were in there. I saw some across the street, and I think one of those was Sunny. And that's all I remember. I know I dreamed this because Sunny is old and he is really not doing well at all. It's sad to wonder if he is suffering, and decide what to do... The photo of him, above, was taken in October. He was starting to have difficulty with his back legs.
In other news, Ashley called today to say that Ashlyn and Alyson have been asking her when Santa is going to write to them. They wrote a letter to him, and I guess they are expecting him to answer. So she wants me to forge them a letter.
I went to town today - the big three: Goodwill, Walmart and H.E.B. At Goodwill, I got some large handcrafted wooden blocks, an additional set of mini-ornaments for the Wandette's Christmas tree, and a single tiny wooden Santa type figure to stand in front of their tree. At Walmart, I think I finished up my Christmas shopping, and then some, except for Shabree's Santa Claus stuff. H.E.B. was just food.
Back home, I added another coat of paint to the Christmas branch, worked some more on a friend's cooperative art journal, and then took some things over to the parish classroom building in preparation for the meeting in the morning. I puttered around there for awhile and then came home. The big screen tv has again been moved from the youth room to the rectory. Oh, well... I can't get anyone to use it anyway.
I should be dipping the pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles for tomorrow's meeting, but I am not in the mood. I should have bought something ready made, but I didn't. Maybe I'll just take plain pretzels. Blah.


Here's some more mail art that came a couple of days ago. The painted paper plate had no return address and no postmark. The stamps weren't even cancelled. I don't know who sent it, but it is really a nice painting. Then the postcard is the frontside of the one from J.Boyd. Really cool monoprint! THANKS, both of you.
Not much went on today. Lydia called and so I met her for lunch at The Chisholm Trail. I should have gone into the office too, since I have several little things that need to be done there. But I didn't. I got a few things done at home, but nothing that really shows.
Andrew called and had me email him with answers to alllll the questions and criteria for the website he is supposed to be building me for a C.C.D. website, he's doing as part of an assignment. I took forever getting it all done, and then the computer ate it. And I didn't save a copy of all the questions, etc. Grrrr!
He's having a barbecue over at the cabin tonight for his birthday. About 4-5 of his closest friends were supposed to be spending the night. When Chuck went over there he counted 24 people, plus Buddha...who had managed to get sausage and fajitas off of the table while everyone was outside.