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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Nephew, Dan Mortensen, is on the cover of Western Horseman this month. That's him on the right. He is a 6 times World Champion Saddlebronc Rider. He won one World Champion All-Around, too.
Today was a better day, although I didn't do much of anything. But I was just glad not to have that awful headache. It lasted for two and a half days.
Oh - a correction to Sunday's blog entry... It is the LION'S CLUB annual Pancake Supper with Santa. The fire department gave the fundraiser over to the Lions several years ago. Thanks for the correction, Keith. And that sure is a cute little boy on the top article on the Skidmore Signal website. ;)
I have been working toward selling some things on ebay recently. I have all the change of email address and forms filled out, but haven't felt like actually putting the one item I have ready so far, on there. I have a compilation of children's school poems and illustrative artwork from the 60's through 90's from Tyler School in Beeville. I have no idea if it will sell or not, but thought I'd try it.
When Chuck came home from checking on the horses tonight, he said that ours was the darkest house in the neighborhood. He said it was embarrassing to be the only house not totally lit up with Christmas lights. He said he will have to get out and do something about it. We'll see. I know I'm not going to be trying to haul a ladder here in my van and lugging it around and climbing to the roof or anything. I have the lights, because I was hoping to buy a few good sized arborvitae trees to put the lights on, and set out in the yard until they could be planted to replace the ones he burnt down over at the cabin. But I couldn't find any this time of year.


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