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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today has not been an especially good one. My back/side is still hurting, and I have had a sinus (I guess) headache all day, and just feel really dull, draggy, weak and tired. And I got 8 hours of sleep last night. But my eyes were puffy and had dark circles under them this morning. I felt the same way yesterday afternoon, too, except for the headache.
After Mass, the kids practiced for the Christmas program for about half an hour. It was pretty much bedlam. One child got sick and threw up, and another cried that her stomach hurt. So many were absent this morning, too. And to top it off, so many kids are wanting and expecting to be angels, when we only need 2-4. Right now, 5 have been promised the part of angels. Sigh... So we will have 5, but NO MORE! Sheesh! This play is mostly focusing on SHEPHERDS, and our number of shepherds is diminishing. If I get to feeling better this week, I'll go over and move the tables and chairs around to the correct alignment for the 'dinner theater' so that when the kids practice next Sunday, it will be like it will for the program and dinner.
Also I need to get another note composed to the parents.
After we got home from church, I changed clothes and laid around in the recliner and on the couch. All day. How boring.
Tonight was the Fire Department's annual Pancake Supper with Santa. Chuck was over at the other place, helping finish the goat shed, but had Amy and Mathieu bring our dinners over here, when they went down to eat and see Santa. Mat has been wearing his Santa hat ever since he got it a few days ago. He even wears in UNDER his cowboy hat. I took his picture tonight when they were leaving.


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