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Friday, December 02, 2005


A few people have asked me if I've had any more dreams. Last night, I had several. I kept waking up and thinking, "I've GOT to remember this." But I didn't. I did remember some of the last one though. It was at a boarding school, and there were lots of kids coming out. School was out for several weeks. I was picking up 'my' kids. ...It was also kind of like 4H, because there were lots of white rabbits with the kids. Many were old and had things wrong with them - illnesses or old age. The scene changed and we were all parked at HEB in Beeville, and all these pet rabbits were turned loose, including ours. Not purposely, but more by accident in the process of kids getting in the cars, suitcases being loaded, and the general hub-bub going on. Later I noticed so many clusters of rabbits in downtown Beeville, some in front of the library, and other businesses, and some inside businesses where the doors were kept open. In one - Delphine's? - there were several rabbits laying on a low red tapestry footstool. I was checking to see if one was our rabbit, Sunny, but it wasn't. There were also some white cats in the mix with the rabbits. There was one little toddler boy who was leaning, pushing on the rabbit nearest him on the stool. I lifted him away, telling him the rabbit was real, and that hurt his stomach.
Then I went on down the street, stopping next door at a saddle shop to see if any rabbits were in there. I saw some across the street, and I think one of those was Sunny. And that's all I remember. I know I dreamed this because Sunny is old and he is really not doing well at all. It's sad to wonder if he is suffering, and decide what to do... The photo of him, above, was taken in October. He was starting to have difficulty with his back legs.
In other news, Ashley called today to say that Ashlyn and Alyson have been asking her when Santa is going to write to them. They wrote a letter to him, and I guess they are expecting him to answer. So she wants me to forge them a letter.
I went to town today - the big three: Goodwill, Walmart and H.E.B. At Goodwill, I got some large handcrafted wooden blocks, an additional set of mini-ornaments for the Wandette's Christmas tree, and a single tiny wooden Santa type figure to stand in front of their tree. At Walmart, I think I finished up my Christmas shopping, and then some, except for Shabree's Santa Claus stuff. H.E.B. was just food.
Back home, I added another coat of paint to the Christmas branch, worked some more on a friend's cooperative art journal, and then took some things over to the parish classroom building in preparation for the meeting in the morning. I puttered around there for awhile and then came home. The big screen tv has again been moved from the youth room to the rectory. Oh, well... I can't get anyone to use it anyway.
I should be dipping the pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles for tomorrow's meeting, but I am not in the mood. I should have bought something ready made, but I didn't. Maybe I'll just take plain pretzels. Blah.


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