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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This is a photo of our son, Garrett, with his daughter, Shabree. It was taken at the parish Christmas program last night.
Shabree and I went to Beeville around noon, ate at Taqueria Jalisco, then went to Walmart to finish our Christmas shopping and to Goodwill to drop off most of my old set of dishes, and see if they had anything interesting.
We just got home from tonight's Posada a little while ago. It was at the Casarez's in Tynan. There were quite a few people - maybe 30 or so. Their grandson played Joseph and a little girl who was there played Mary. We had Mathieu with us too. He was pretty good for the most part, but was anxious for the singing and praying to be over so he could eat. But he enjoyed walking around the streets in the dark from house to house, because I let him carry the flashlight. Amy and Reagan went to the school Christmas program to watch Zachary.
Yesterday was a long, busy day. Shabree and I spent all day in Corpus Christi doing some Christmas shopping. We ate lunch at Golden China and ran into the Orchards there. It was nice seeing them again. We got home in time for the Posada, but I sure was dragging. It was at Laura Rios' house. There were about 15 people there. It was sure good to get home and get comfortable, but I was too tired to do any gift wrapping, cookie making or anything else. I've GOT to make a start on it tomorrow!!!


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