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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I finally got the 'tree' up today. It took quite a while. After putting the lights on, I found out I was about 15 ft. short. Since lights have to go on first, I decided to go to Beeville to find another string. And since I was having to go for that, I decided to hit the 'big three', because I needed a few things from the grocery store too. So I went to Walmart first, where they didn't have any white lights on white cord. But I did get some other things - silk holly for the graves, a tape measure, since both of mine have disappeared, and some tiny snowflake ornaments. I decided to stick with my original color plan of white, purple and blue. So then I moved on to Goodwill to donate the plastic bags I'd accumulated since the last time I was there. And then moved on to H.E.B. which by this time was packed with the after 3:30 crowd. I stopped at the photo machine and printed out the photos in my camera, and then got the few items that turned into a few dozen. But I did find the white on white lights I needed, there. :)
Back home, and I fed the animals, put the rest of the lights on the tree, and started dinner. Chuck called saying he was going to be a couple of hours late, as he was just then leaving Kingsville. He wanted me to tell Zach that he'd have to feed the horses and dogs tonight. He had told him the night before that he would do the feeding for him tonight, but didn't know he'd be working late. Then Amy, Zach and Mathieu came over. They had just got back from H.E.B. and dinner at McDonalds. I had Zach get my wrapping paper down from the attic. After they left, I finished the tree. It sticks out quite a bit, and the base is a little smaller and lighter than I'd like, so I wasn't too surprised when Chuck bumped it, getting around it after dinner and knocked it over. Rats! It had looked pretty darn good, too. I didn't reassemble it tonight, but will in the morning. I might go get more plaster and put the whole thing in a bigger container, too.
The hightlight of my mail today was the beautiful ornament you see above. It was made and sent to me by Sue. THANKS, Sue - I love it!


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