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Monday, December 19, 2005


The Christmas program and parish party is over for this year, and I can relax from all parish work, except for the Posada until January 8. Whew! It went pretty well, although it started late. I could not get the Posada guitar player in gear to START.
The kids were so cute, naturally, and their individual introductions and bows and solo walks across the stage, afterwards, went very well. A few of the smaller ones got out there in the center, and had to be urged to walk OFF the other side after taking their bow.
I managed to thank everyone individually and in detail afterwards in my remarks. I didn't forget anything or anyone, thankfully. And I gave everyone in my department a gift and card. So everyone should be feeling as appreciated as they are. Dinner was really delicious and there was so much left. We had more people there for this than we have had in a long, long time, and there was enough to feed twice as many.
I was so tired, I left the costumes in the hall, along with a lot of other things I'll have to go pick up, sort and put up as soon as I can.


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