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Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, this photo was so embarrassing, I almost didn't show it. But then I figured, "What the heck!". Now the story:
We revived our tradition of having one or more Christmas tree disasters this year. I trimmed a large branch from our crepe myrtle tree, sprayed it white, set it in plaster and used that for our tree. I've done it before with various types of tree branches, and it's turned out beautiful. Unfortunately, it didn't work this year. To start with, the plaster base wasn't large and heavy enough. When I got the lights, tinsel and ornaments on it (the first time) it looked beautiful, but was a little top heavy. And since it was so spread out, it was a little awkward to walk around. Chuck bumped it, walking by and it fell. It demolished everything, but I sat it
back up 'as is', thinking to leave what damage was done, until the next day. However, the weight of the lights, etc. caused the branches to sag more, making it ever more top heavy, and later, when I went to unplug the lights for the night, I knocked it over again. This time, a smaller branch was broken off, as well as more of the twiggy little parts. It wouldn't set back up at all, so I set it on the floor, leaning between two small tables for the night. Then yesterday, I got a larger container and poured more plaster for a bigger base, and set it all back up again, starting from scratch with all the lights, tinsel and ornaments. It held, although the shape of the limb was not as attractive as previously, and it just wasn't pretty at all. In fact, it was hideous. The weight of the lights caused it to hump down more and more, and it looked rather like a large hulking bat, or a big purple claw. When I woke up this morning, the 'tree' that had originally been scraping the ceiling, was sagged from the low table where it sat almost to the floor! Soooooo I took it all down again, and threw that darn tree limb out the back door. I've thrown in the towel! I am disgusted at how many hours I wasted on that thing at a time when I am miles over my head in projects and tasks.
I guess I'll go to Walmart this afternoon and get the largest pot of Norfolk Island pine trees they have... which isn't going to be that large. And now I have about 2 strings of lights more than I need and more purple tinsel and ornaments that I'll ever need.
I usually get a living native tree for Christmas, and wanted an arborvitae this year, since they are cone shaped and we have a row of them at our cabin that needs some replacements. But there were none to be found. Norfolk Island pines are not native here, and I have killed several before, but at this point, the nurseries in Beeville don't even have a passable bush of any kind. And all Walmart has is the N.I. pines. Oh, well... In the future, I will remember not to use crepe myrtle, unless it is long dead and dried.


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