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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My friend Paulette and I are both into area history and so she brought these two pieces and the accompanying newspaper article with her when she came for lunch today. They were found on the Boales place south of Skidmore many years ago. They were dug up during planting. The one is a projectile that was fired from a cannon during an apparent skirmish between the Mexican and the Republic of Texas army during the days of the war. The other is a really mysterious ornament that no one really has the whole story to, yet. What was it a part of? How was it worn? Is it Aztec? What was it for? Hopefully someday she will have some answers.

She has an absolute treasury of fascinating family stories and other Black History stories of unrelated, ordinary people living their lives in days long ago.

Look at her really, REALLY cool car! It's a Chrysler Crossfire. I absolutely love it! Her kids told her she was crazy to buy it, two years ago, but she figured she put in enough years being safe and sensible, that she might as well do something she just wanted to do. It makes her happy, and I can certainly understand that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Garrett brought Sasha over to see me today. She's a little Bichon Frise that he and Marti just got. She's such a cutie.


Saturday, February 07, 2009


I went to some friends' anniversary dinner and dance tonight. Of course, I didn't dance since 1. I am very clumsy and graceless and 2. I am supposed to be sitting with my leg elevated for at least another week. But I guess there is a limit to how long even I can stay home. So I went to the anniversary dinner and dance and had a good time. There were mariachis, a video of the couple's life together, a DJ and good food and good friends. The mariachis moved from table to table playing and singing before and during the meal. I got this photo, which is not very good, but I was sitting at a table with a (shunned) Amish family and didn't know what the protocol was for photos, so made sure I didn't get any of them in it. So it cut the photo kind of close. Rebecca and I continued our discussion about gardening from the last time we were at a party together. Later, Ezra pulled a digital camera out of his pocket and took some photos of the party, so I guess they are fairly relaxed in their lifestyle these days, although their property adjoins the regular Amish that they lived and worked with previously. They'd have to be pretty relaxed to attend a dance and party in a Catholic parish hall, I guess. They don't dance, though, but they do quietly visit and enjoy themselves.

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Friday, February 06, 2009


Not that I don't cook somewhat often, these days, but I used an actual recipe this time.

This is New England Steak Milanese which I got from Cookbook Junkie's blog a few days ago. I read her blog daily despite not really being into cooking so much. I enjoy reading cookbooks and cooking blogs more than actually cooking. She gave the Steak Milanese a 'Just Okay' rating, but it looked so good, I had to try it anyway.
I did make a few changes, since I don't use store-bought sauces, and I already had seasoned Italian crumbs instead of plain ones. I made just a regular red sauce (crushed tomatoes, minced garlic, basil and oregano. I liked it fairly well, although I doubt I'll make it much, unless I just have the crumbs and sauce already on hand. Chuck said it was good, although he drenched his in A-I sauce, which to me, tastes close to kerosene.
But I used a family size package of steaks, so the best news is that there is enough left over for dinner tonight, too.

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