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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's been so long since I have blogged that I have a huge backlog of photos. I thought I'd at least put up the latest batch... This is Coconut, Patti-Jo and Shabree from a couple of weeks ago.
Then this was an surprise gift from my sister, niece and grand-nieces. It really reminded them of me. Hmmm.... I love sock monkeys, Napolean Dynomite and weird socks, so it was a great gift.

This is the inside of the card.

Zach's and Mat's goats were both due any day. Mat's goat, Baby, had her kid first. He named him Sunny Sprinkles. Zach's goat, Sophie, had twins on Easter. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo then. He named them Freckles and Speckles, but changed the names later, I think.

This is Patti-Jo and Zach when he spent the night with us a while back.

My niece, Laura and her two daughters, Chloe and Aleni came to spend Easter weekend with us. This is Chloe on Trigger.

This is Mathieu sitting on the gate. He was the first to come down with the stomach virus we all caught.

Aleni and Zach with Trigger...

Zach, Chloe and Aleni... Chuck, and Shabree on her horse, Starlight, in the background. Starlight started bucking and even though Shabree rode her through it, she was still upset and scared. So Chuck walked her around in the round pen for awhile.

Laura hiding Easter eggs.

Garrett hiding Easter eggs.

Reagan, Laura, Shabree, Buddy and R.D. Shabree found the egg that was hidden under Buddy's neck.

A group shot of the kids: Aleni, Zach, Shabree, Mathieu, Chloe

Making and eating s'mores.

Aleni got bitten by the turtle - a red earred slider - that Chloe and Shabree found near the pond. She was a trooper and didn't cry at all, although she got kind of red-eyed seeing all the blood as it started bleeding freely after being cleaned up.

Andrew and Chloe washing the mud from the turtle.

Curious Buddy wanting to sniff the turtle.

Getting ready to return the cleaned up turtle to where they found it.