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Monday, April 17, 2006


Shelly and Jenna were right - Marlene loved having Norm come for a visit. Barbara was there too, as were a couple of the neighborhood children who were 'helping' Marlene babysit two of the younger citizens of Wandamore.
Barbara makes Norm's acquaintance, while Olivia, holding baby, Hannah, and Janet, entertaining Kelly Erin, watch, fascinated. They shyly say hello too.As the evening wears on, Norm tells Marlene and Barbara all about his unusual journey, and everything that befell him since arriving in Skidmore, and then Wandamore.
BARBARA - Those sock monkeys are completely out of hand!
MARLENE - Well, they do have their good points, I suppose. They are just so mischeivious. They don't mean to be bad, though. Wanda likes them...
BARBARA - Well, THAT figures! Do you know that the sock monkeys have been spotted in Jenna and Shelly's part of town? Wanda should rid the place of those goodfornothings!
MARLENE - Now, Barbara, the girls are always careful, and they are saving for a better place.
BARBARA - A better place, yes, but WHEN?! Wanda only provided them with a cardboard box fixer-upper! If I hadn't helped, they wouldn't have furniture or locks on the doors and windows, yet.
MARLENE - See, that will keep the monkeys out well enough. All those monkeys need is direction and a good leader to guide them and mold them into gentlemen.
BARBARA - Gentlemen?! HA! And who is going to guide and direct them - WANDA? We can see where her direction got poor Mr. Gnome, here!
NORM - Please call me 'Norm'. We gnomes are an informal lot.Meanwhile, Jenna and Shelly enjoy the little ones. JENNA - So what are you girls doing tomorrow?
JANET - Miz Jane is taking us for a hike in the wild!
SHELLY - Wow! That sounds interesting.
OLIVIA - Yes, Miz Jane says the woods and the fields are full of interesting things.
JENNA - I believe it! Norm was telling us about various flora and fauna he has seen on his trip. Gnomes are very much into nature, you know.BARBARA - Are you familiar with Buckminster Fuller's work or Scott and Helen Nearing's work?
NORM - Oh, yes! Some gnomes have employed the ideas Bucky spread, since the middle ages. And we gnomes have always believed in the 'back to nature' movement. We followed the Nearing's work with first hand observation.
BARBARA - So Norm - Do you know Ewell Gibbons?
NORM - No, but I do like wild grains and we gnomes have always been able to 'live off the land." And I did meet Tinkerbell once.
MARLENE - Oh, I bet she is delightful!
NORM - Yes, she is. I also saw Little Red Riding Hood one time in the woods.
MARLENE - Oh, what a sweet child she must be! Wanda is crazy about Little Red Riding Hood!
BARBARA - Crazy is right! I am sick of hearing about Wanda. Let's change the subject.
Fortunately the girls clammer up to the table.
JANET - Mr. Gnome, since you like the outdoors so much, you should go with us tomorrow when Miz Jane takes us hiking!
OLIVIA - Yes, pleeaase? You'd have a great time, and then Miz Jane could meet you too!
MARLENE - You'll like Jane, Norm. She is really interested in nature and the outdoors.
NORM - That sounds like fun! I will be glad to go with you, girls.
JANET - Oh boy! Our friends will be so surprised!
After that, Barbara gave the kids a ride home, and went home herself. Jenna and Shelly spent the night at Marlene's, since Barbara was concerned about them going home so late at night with Sock Monkeys about. Marlene heated some warm milk for Norm and then everyone turned in for the night.


At 4/17/2006 7:06 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

norm is getting way to much fun at your house! Bet you will have to fight to get him to leave!

At 4/19/2006 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my, I have really enjoyed your skits with Norm and the cute, so where is Norm headed to now?
Brenda...aka..Field Reedglow

At 4/19/2006 9:56 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Peggy, Norm enjoyed his stay, but he was getting a little antsy to be on his way, too. This is a fantastic idea you had, letting Norm travel.

Brenda, I am glad you enjoyed this. :) Norm is on his way to visit a blogger in Missouri. You can keep up with his travels by clicking on Peggy's name above and going to her blog, Hidden Haven Homestead. Norm lives with her, NORMally. ;) She will let everyone know when he arrives at his subsequent stops and provide a link to his whereabouts.


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