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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here is what I did first thing this morning. Ugh! Actually, taking the photo helped me not panic about what was happening. Of course, seeing the photo makes me feel really gross, so I won't be looking at it much. The technician asked if I was going to tell everyone how great they are there. I said, "No, I'll say how I didn't faint or throw up!" I've never fainted or thrown up, but I sure do feel like it each time. Fear and Panic!!!

So anyway, I got up early (fasting), showered and hurried to Beeville for this. Then I rushed back to Skidmore to Mass, which was for a parishioner who died unexpectedly a year ago. A good number of her family members and friends came from out of town for it. Then I hurried to pick up Carl and Coconut to take them to the groomers for thorough flea baths and flea pills. I was a few minutes late for that appointment, but it worked out fine. While they were there (poor babies) I went back to Beeville and got 9 six packs of vincas, and two basil plants to plant over at the church, plus a black bell pepper plant for me. It looked interesting. I was starving by this time, and got a Whataburger to eat on the way back home. I was about 5 minutes early to pick up my CLEAN but traumatized dogs from the groomer, took them home and got my gardening gloves and trowel and went back to the church. I watered R.'s dog, made a note to bring ant spray to spray under her food dish, and then started planting. A lot of the vincas went in the planters by the church steps and then the basil (smells sooooo good!) and more of the vincas went into the planters by the rectory steps. I had some left over, so tried to spruce up the planter on the classroom walkway, but it was so full of straggly plants, that I just removed some of them and planted a single vinca in among the plants, until I can amend the soil and dig out and rearrange the things in there. I watered everything down and then it started raining a little, so I came home. I'll go back tomorrow afternoon and re-work that one planter.


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