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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Whew - it's good to be back blogging again. So much has been happening, but I haven't had time to blog it....because so much has been happening.
Garrett and I went to Austin last Tuesday to get Shabree, so she could spend the rest of her spring break here. On the way back we stopped at The Paper Bear, in San Marcos. That is a really interesting store - so many unusual items you don't see anywhere else. Not that we got much this time. Garrett is really into retro stuff and collectibles, so enjoyed looking at all the vintage posters they had in the floors and on the walls and ceiling. Shabree got an Only Hearts Doll, some paint brushes, and I forget what else, now. I got a couple of clickers, and a tiny little plastic cupid. I'm wishing I would have taken the time to look through the t-shirts and also that I would have gotten the tote bag I was looking at. The picture on the front was of a doll of the kind I collect - sort of. Only it was kind of bright and neon-unreal looking. Naturally, since I passed it up, I am now pining for it.

Garrett wanted to stop by some of the antique stores in Geronimo on the way home, too, but we had spent too much time in The Paper Bear, so they were closed by the time we passed through. I was disappointed we missed them, too. We've always had good luck in The Blue Hills shop. Maybe next time...

So we got back home only to find out that Stewart had come home from Baghdad!!! He didn't tell anyone he was coming, so it was a big surprise. He stayed a week, just leaving today. I miss him already. He said he plans on staying in Baghdad until he gets tired of it, which won't be for a long, long time. He also said that he met G. Gordon Liddy recently, and did his paperwork to get into/out of the country.

Shabree and I went shopping in Corpus Christi while she was here, went to the movies to see 'The Shaggy Dog', and just hung around. And we had a little family birthday party and bbq for her. She, Zachary and Mathieu 'camped out' over in front of the cabin one night too. Only Mathieu didn't last long, before he went home to his parents. And not too long after that Shabree and Zach decided to move camp into the cabin with Grandpa. Ha! So much for camping out.
Shabree and I made her birthday cake. I baked the cake in a bowl and she iced and decorated it. It turned out really cute, but the 'skirt' could have been bigger.
Stewart and I took her back to Austin on Sunday afternoon. He wanted to stop in Cabelo's - did I spell that right??? - on the way home. HUGE store - all sporting least downstairs. I didn't go upstairs. I ended up just going out to the benches and waiting for him.

During all this, I somehow developed some major back trouble. Two mornings, especially, I could hardly get out of bed. It took like 20 minutes of struggle and cold sweat to manage to get upright and walk/drag down the hall, holding on to the walls as I went. It's better now, but still pretty bad.

I have been crocheting since I can do that sitting in the recliner. I've started on a mystery crochetalong project with one of my yahoo groups - BumblesGroovyCrochet. It's turning out to be a poncho in stitches fancier than I would have tried otherwise. I've finished two doll sweaters and a doll purse, and one small heart shaped purse. I need to take some photos of all that. Maybe tomorrow.(One last photo of Shabree...this was taken on Sunday, in my office, after Mass and classes.)


At 3/21/2006 11:20 PM, Blogger Thorn said...

Glad you are back blogging! was wondering how their visits went! Sorry about the back probs, feel better soon. Hey, Dakota loves Cabelo's...I never heard of it before, he went with a friend, it's atleast an hour away from here!...carrie

At 3/24/2006 10:04 PM, Blogger Laura said...

i see shabree is taking after her gran...she looks good in that lime green! :o)


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