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Monday, March 06, 2006


I took Coconut to the vet early this morning to be spayed. She has to stay overnight. Afterwards, I stopped by Walmart to get tomato plants and a flowering hanging plant. They didn't have any hanging baskets of flowers that I liked, and I forgot all about the tomatoes, but I DID get these two dolls for our two youngest granddaughters. I couldn't believe I found a Little Red Riding Hood doll! This was the only one they had. Besides the Goldilocks doll, they also had Little Bo-Peep. Actually, they had two other new doll lines that I hadn't seen before either. Both were pretty interesting, and reasonably priced, but I didn't get any more. I also got Zach's birthday gift - a horseshoe set and a camoflage tarp, that he'd wanted. I got Mathieu some color/number/shape cards, and both of them some hotwheels cars in plastic Easter eggs. Besides a couple of mundane items, I bought some potted mums and a wild geramium ("mosquito plant") to put together a hanging pot of my own. Then as I was leaving, I could have kicked myself, because before going in the store, I had walked around in the outside garden center and planned to buy a lemon tree and an esperanza bush at the check-out. I had forgotten them, too. But I wasn't going to go back inside and wait in line again.
This is what I had for lunch. One of my grandmothers - Mommy - used to make this, often, as part of my lunch when I would stay with her and Poppy sometimes, while Mother was at work. It's cut up tomato, mayonaisse and fritoes. Yum!
When I returned from town, I stopped at the Post Office and a local woman was there, with her trophy on the lobby table, telling people about the award she won recently from a photographic society, and showing them the photo. I asked if I could take a photo of her with her award and the winning photo. The photo, which she took several years ago, shows the treeline and sky. In the sky is a single dark cloud, with a contrail going behind (or through) it. She said it followed her along the highway she was driving on for quite a number of miles. "I'm not going to say what I think it is.", she said.


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