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Friday, March 03, 2006


Thursday I missed the parish council meeting. I had a headache and general malaise since Wednesday, and finally on Thursday afternoon/evening, I just went to bed for a two hour nap. Today, the headache is only intermittent, so I guess my system is getting used to not operating on caffeine. My blood is no longer fizzing and foaming.

I got my hair trimmed two inches yesterday. It was still two short to donate to Locks of Love, but hopefully it won't be too much longer. I am really tired of it being this length and getting tangled and caught on everything.

Also this week I called and made appointments with the doctor (more blood work if I want perscriptions refilled) and the vet (to get Coconut spayed). I also called yet again to see about why my kitchen window is not fixed yet. It was broken by the cable company in ...Dec.? and is still not fixed. Sigh...

Today I had to go into the parish office to sign something and catch up on some things. Lydia and I had lunch at The Chisholm Trail...where I should have taken a photo of the wide little clump of buttercups/wild primroses blooming against the side of the building. We stopped to admire them and talk about spring wildflowers but I didn't think about taking a photo. So the photo for today is two books I got at Goodwill for Mathieu and Zachary.

It is Lydia's birthday and yesterday her family got her a little Jack Russell Terrier. She was talking about how she didn't expect JRTs to look like her new baby dog does, and I was describing Coconut, who is of the same type as hers - the very smooth, long-legged kind, not the shorter, scruffy-furred ones. So then I came home and loaded up Carl and Coconut and went back to the office to show her and Father Sebastian. Then coming back home, I saw Vicky, my cousin, unloading supplies for the Boy Scout BBQ at the fire station, so stopped there to talk for a couple of minutes.

Then tonight, it was Mass and Stations of the Cross.


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