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Monday, March 27, 2006


As I type this, it is drizzling outside. It's an indication of how long and how severe our drought is, that this is worth remarking upon. It started around 3pm when I was on my way to Beeville to finish up our income tax filing, and go to the supermarket. I sure wish it would really let loose and RAIN.
Here's another project-in-progress I am working on. There is an upcoming Mystery Crochet-Along that is going to use plastic bags instead of yarn. I am preparing mine by cutting them in strips across, and then looping them together and rolling them into a ball.

After Mass this morning, Lydia said I had some mail in the office, and I needed to go in anyway for some financial stuff, so I told her I'd needed to go home and get some things first. Before I left, Mary stopped me and she, Annie and I talked about the meeting next week, the parish breakfast coming up, and an added prayer devotion that is starting soon. While standing outside, talking, I saw the dog from yesterday come out of the bbq shack and run to the hall. So when I went home to get my things, I got some dog food and a bottle of water too, for her. When I got back, Reeys was putting food out for her, and was trying to coax her out through the bars of the gate, and having some success. She is getting much 'tamer', but still won't let anyone touch her. He said when he does manage to catch her, he is going to take her home as his pet. So that was good to hear. He said it was him that put the cut milk jugs out for her.

Then we sat on the benches in front of the grotto and talked for quite a while, with the little dog watching and creeping ever nearer. Rose joined us, and Mary and Jesse and Father Sebastian, briefly, too. After that, I went into the office and Annie was helping Lydia, then Eva and her mother came in, too. Reeys was working in the flower beds. I invited everyone to lunch, and when Reeys and then Father came in, I asked them, also. So we all went to the Chisholm Trail. Only I felt bad when Father insisted on picking up the tab.


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