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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today, I did next to nothing. I slept in until 9, surprised that the dogs let me sleep that late. I took care of the absolute necessities, did a couple of very small things I'd been procrastinating with and cooked dinner. That was about it.

Yesterday I took Coconut back to the vet for more shots and to get her heartworm tablets. She sure didn't want to go! Her heart was pounding and she ran to the back of the van when we got there, because she did NOT want to go in.

While she was there, I went to Walmart, Goodwill and Dollar General. Among more mundane things, I was looking for Valentine socks and t-shirts for my three granddaughters, but no one had them. I also was looking for some kind of kitschy valentine vase or planter, but didn't really expect to find one. I should check at The Artisan's Mall, I guess. I didn't think of that yesterday either. I had been ogling them on eBay - the actual vintage ones, but they are going for more than I want to pay.

Still no arborvitae trees at Walmart, although they have citrus, palm and other kinds that I didn't look at. There were lots of blooming bedding plants too...and even some orchids. They did have a variety of bushes, that I’m considering buying, but I'd still want the arborvitaes too. I didn't find anything very interesting in my shopping yesterday. You can see what I ended up with above. I am going to make a large valentine for Zachary and Mathieu that makes use of the names of the candy bars, as part of the message, glued onto a heart-shaped backing. I still have some more to buy though.

I got some art done last night too. In fact I stayed up until 3:30a.m. with it, which probably explains why I got so little done today.


At 1/25/2006 9:43 PM, Blogger Keith Petrus said...

Hey Wanda, I think I've figured out the cause of your frequent headaches - and it's not staying up until 3 a.m;-) although that too may be related.

At 1/30/2006 12:08 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Target has cute valentine T's and socks!!! Check em out.

At 1/30/2006 10:21 PM, Blogger Wanda said...

Yeah, I intended to go to Target today, but ran out of steam. I was there about 2 weeks ago, and they didn't have the socks, but did have the cute t-shirts, which I almost bought. Now I wish I had!


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