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Sunday, January 22, 2006


We just got home from Mass and classes, and I immediately changed into my flannel pj pants and a t-shirt. Ahhhhh....comfort! It's a GOOD thing! ;) Speaking of good things, I stayed up very late/early last night/this morning finishing my Martha Stewart poncho. I started it in Nov. I think it was, but got side-tracked. And I got hung up on the different, complicated (to me) edging. Finally, I just decided to disregard that part of the pattern and do a regular scalloped edging, so that's what I did last night, and then got the collar done too. I was afraid if I didn't get on it soon, it would be spring already. Leaving for church, I thought it might get a little warm, but after classes, I was really glad to have it. It is still cold and drizzley, but the temperature sure dropped more while classes were going on. Brrr! The forecast for today is for a high in the 60's and a low in the 40's.

I have no plans today, other than the internet, a nap, the tv (Part 1 of Bleak House is on PBS tonight), taking care of some religious education department preparation and paperwork, and hopefully some artwork. That's it!


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