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Monday, January 16, 2006


Mass and classes went very well this morning. The junior high students are really excited about the Diocesan Junior High Youth Spectacular. We got the information packet this week, and they are really looking forward to it, although it is not until late March. They are already making concrete plans for the group poster they need to bring for display. I took close-up photos of each of them this morning, since they decided they wanted to add their photos on the poster. I'll have to get more photos next week of those who were absent today, and also of the ones who go to the Wednesday night class. They really had some good ideas, and there are some good artists in the group. And ALL of them have lots of creative ideas for it. In fact, the whole program went well this morning across the board - few absences in any of the grades, teachers borrowing good books from the resource center to put into use with their students, very smooth sailing despite the absence (and hasty substitution) of one teacher and also my assistant, plus two interruptions during my class. There were no major problems... No one set the kitchen on fire this week. ;)

I wore my blue shawl that I crocheted a few months back, for the second time, today. I really need to finish my red Martha Stewart poncho that I started right after this shawl. Soon it will be too hot to wear it. The body of the poncho is done, but I am having trouble with the directions for the scalloped edging. I think I will just skip those directions and make the scallops from another method. Then I have to do the neck/'collar' part. Hopefully that will not be as difficult as the edging turned out to be.

After Mass, Zach and I went to Papa's to get something to eat. Chuck usually gets us tacos after Mass, and then they are waiting for us when we get home, but he didn't ask us what kind we wanted this morning, so I didn't think he was going to get them. Mass is over at 10, and by then it is a little late when he goes to get tacos. They usually don't have many varieties left by then. So when Zach and I left the classrooms after 11, and went to Papa's, I got a hamburger (which I ended up splitting with Chuck, since I forgot all about getting him anything. *blush*), and Zach got homemade beef jerky and a black cherry vanilla Coke. After we got comfortable and ate, we played Yahtzee, and both made shockingly bad scores. What gives?! We could throw nothing but 2 pairs time after time. Our scorecards were mostly zeros.

Since having quite a few late nights and bouts of insomnia this past week, I managed to take a long late afternoon nap, thankfully. I dreamed one of my lately frequent 'finding my way in long, crossing, turning corridors' dreams, and also one about the electricity going out room by room in our house. Mother was living here too, and she told me not to try to get things working again by unplugging and re-plugging various things back in, or it would cause a fire. And also, I was talking to Chuck and a few of his friends/co-workers through the bedroom window, and one said thanks for keeping his young son for the day while he was at work. I was aggravated that mother had agreed to this, since we had no electricity, but went into the kitchen to find them and help keep up with the toddler in the dark. LOL! I also dreamed something about talking to my across the street neighbor...and can't remember the rest. I know I dreamed about the plugging and unplugging part of the dream because my computer connection keeps goofing up and I have to unplug and re-plug the modem, and restart the computer almost aggravation.

Anyway, Chuck got groceries this afternoon and grilled steaks for dinner. They were really good. He usually does the cooking once or twice over the weekends.


At 1/16/2006 8:13 AM, Blogger Thorn said...

you really made me quite hungry with this post! Yummm...tacos! haven't had them in awhile!..carrie


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