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Monday, January 09, 2006


Bishop Carmody visited our parish today and celebrated Mass with Father Sebastian. Zach and Eddie served. At the end of the Mass, I welcomed the bishop on behalf of everyone in the parish, thanked him for coming, and invited everyone to the covered dish dinner, later. Also I announced that children's religious education classes were resuming today, and that the students would be served breakfast after Mass in the classroom building. Only that almost didn't happen. I was surprised when I got to the breakfast room that there was no breakfast there yet. We waited a couple of minutes, and then I went looking for Annie and/or Frances who were supposed to be providing breakfast that morning. I met Annie coming with two gallons of juice, and also two of the students coming with 3 cans of juice. Annie informed me that the oven in the hall had caught on fire during Mass, and burned the wall! The pizzas she and Frances had were cinders. But fortunately, another woman had gotten the dates mixed up and thought it was the day she had volunteered to bring breakfast, so the kids got breakfast after all - sausage and biscuits. I told Domingo the other day, that we should probably get rid of the big industrial kitchen appliances in the hall, since they are so old, and are always giving us trouble, and they are almost impossible to repair. I think we should just go with regular kitchen appliances (doubled) since they are cheaper and repairable. Less hassle all the way around.

I woke up with a horrible headache that I'd had all night. It was making me kind of queasy, so I had decided that I wouldn't go back for the covered dish dinner in the afternoon. But during religious education classes, the headache finally went away, and I got to feeling okay, so I went to the corner store and got some boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese. Lame, I know, but kids do always like mac and cheese. Chuck didn't go back, but Zach and I did. And that's when I took the photo of him and Father Sebastian sitting across from me. Notice the stack of cookies on Zach's dessert plate. That was after he finished eating dessert and was taking those home.


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