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Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is what I found at the Goodwill Store today...two wooden painted Mexican bowls. I think they were a little over-priced at $5.99 each, but I really liked them, so thought they were worth it. Also, underneath them in the photo, is a flannel, quilted pillow sham. I love plaids, flannel and quilt patterns, so got this for Carl and Coconut's computer room pillow/bed.
Lydia and I had lunch today at The Chisholm Trail. Before she got there, I talked to Ralph, Vickie, Dorothy, Hollis, Kyle, Candice, Mike and Father Stephen. It was Hollis's 84th birthday. He and Dot also celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary earlier this month.
After lunch, I went to Beeville to the bank, Goodwill and the newspaper office. When I saw those bowls, I was really glad I had stopped in Goodwill. I was getting kind of discouraged, not finding anything 'good' there in a while. There was also a shadow box, which I almost got. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and get it. It would be a good base for an art assemblege...or another shadow box to keep more of my rubberstamps in. On second thought, I think I'll pass it by. I just donated three shadow boxes to the last parish rummage sale.
At the newspaper office I got colored copies of my recent artwork printed onto cardstock. I nearly always make a copy of my stuff to keep before sending things off. When I haven't, I've regretted it. I get too attached to it. But it sure is a pain to delay mailing until I get the copies done.
Then back to Skidmore, where I got the mail and went to the parish office to make some copies for one of the teachers for Sunday, and then left them in her classroom.
Chuck got home from work early and went to the supermarket. Amy and Reagan went out to dinner to celebrate Amy's birthday, which was yesterday. So Chuck is 'babysitting' by letting Zach and Mat spend the night over at the cabin.


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