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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Just yesterday it was in the 80's, but it's cold (low 60's) and drizzley today. I can't complain though, we are in desperate need of the rain. But with the drizzle, it hasn't been enough to measure, I don't think. More like mist than drizzle.

The only news for today is that I kept Mathieu for 3-4 hours while Amy and Reagan were sheering the Zachary's goats. We played Cootie, drew pictures, ate popcorn and drank chocolate milk (he did, anyway), watched an animal show on tv and played with Coconut.

I should have taken a photo of Mathieu with the Cootie game, but didn't think of it. But I do have a photo from last night with Carl and Coconut laying on their new 'bedspread'. I guess that will be tonight's picture.

I had two teachers call, cancelling for classes tomorrow. One has her mother in the hospital and the other has some kind of virus or respiratory stuff where she can hardly talk. The only remaining teacher has two daughters who substitute as needed, but their phone isn't working, so I can't check in advance to see if they are available. Her dad is my assistant, but as it turns out, he must have had his phone number changed, since he isnt in the book any more. So... I guess we'll be combining two classes in the morning and using a video. I just went through some more of my videos, to move some of them to my office which I am now calling the resource room. I plan to change the sign on the door as soon as I get a chance. Now I need to preview some of those videos and pick one that will work for pre-kindergarteners through 2nd graders, and see if I can come up with a craft or activity that fits in with it...and then hope at least one of the substitutes is available on very short notice in the morning. It's getting kind of unwieldy combining classes now that we have more students. Next year, I may see if we can split off one or two age groups into separate classes. We have two classrooms now that are being used for other things, but I think we could take them back. I'd also need to get two more teachers, but I think it could be done. That would be more difficult than getting the classrooms back, though. And, of course, the whole thing would depend on next year's enrollment which we won't know until next year.


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