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Monday, January 30, 2006


This photo was taken yesterday morning on the street beside our house. I heard the music truck, blasting Tejano music, and realized it was the trailriders heading from Corpus Christi to San Antonio as they do each year, so ran out with my camera....ever mindful that without a photo, I can't post to my blog. ;) Since there is major construction on the highway, they had to detour on the residential street. They were going at a pretty good clip, so I missed the picturesque chuck wagon, and more interesting shots and only got a shot of some of the riders about midway in the 'trail'.
Mass and classes went well this morning. I still had one teacher out sick, but had a little more notice than last time, so got a substitute easily. There sure were a lot of kids absent though. Breakfast was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Anzualda - potato, egg and sausage tacos on homemade tortillas. They were really good. Even the skinny little girls had seconds...thirds...fourths.


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