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Thursday, January 26, 2006


So I guess I'll talk about yesterday. The photo is just several of the deco booklets I have made lately. I intended to blog last night, but was just too sleepy by the time I got around to it.

Garrett had come over the night before to ask Chuck if he could the next day off. He and Lyndon were going to the Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz concert in San Antonio, and he wouldn't be home early enough to leave if he didn't get the day off. He was really glad Chuck didn't give him a hard time over it, so I asked him if he could come over and fix some bad places in the backyard fence, so I could let Coconut back there to run around, without sitting out there with her. He was very amiable about it, so I also asked him if he'd come over and help me get some of the huge piles of Stewart's computer components, books, magazines, electronic stuff, etc. out of the computer room. He agreed to that too! :) So yesterday morning, he came over early and got the fence cobbled together better, and then did a lot toward moving stuff from the computer room. After he left, I handled some of the lighter boxes, and moved my stuff around, trying to make room for an art/craft area in there.
Garrett moved the table from Shabree's room in, then I later moved my rolling paper cart. Now I have to work on trying to find space for the small bookshelf and that plastic chest of drawers. Or, really, just get rid of it, and find something else to hold the stuff in there. A tall bookshelf might be ideal, but there isn't room for one. As it is, the small bookshelf is having to go under the light switch. Maybe I could just go through the drawers, weed out a little, and put it all in plastic containers, which I could stack...

Zachary and I ate dinner at Taqueria Jalisco yesterday evening, then went to see Hoodwinked at the movies. It was okay. But Little Red's hood was really appealing. I might see if I can find a pattern to make some for Ashlyn and Alyson.

Then I stayed up late to watch the movie, Big Mama's House, on tv. I hadn't seen it before, and with all the commercials lately for Big Mama's House II, I was curious. It was funny, but I don't know if I'll go see the new one at the theater. THEN I watched Project Runway. Although it was good, I could hardly stay awake by then. One of the designers I liked (Zulema) got eliminated. Her dress didn't fit the inspiration photo that she took. The only thing I saw in common was the color. And for an inspiration to create a certain dress, why take a photo of another dress? At least the woman (Kara?) who made the 'traffic stripe' dress, had the concept, even though her dress was a zero.


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