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Friday, October 19, 2007


Aren't these just too cute?! I've been wanting some croc charms ever since I found out there were such things. Monday, when Amy and I went to Corpus Christi, one of the stores we stopped in had them, so I stocked up on these Halloween ones, and got some Christmas ones for December. Each charm cost as much as the pair of shoes. Too much, but not as bad as it sounds, I guess, since these are Walmart fake crocs.
This is what came in today's mail - the pink bedding, pillows and night stand. Isn't it cute?! This was from Vee in a Swap-Bot Dollhouse Handmade Miniature swap. I don't have a bed yet, but I'll make one eventually.
This is Violette (Violette Spice Blythe, if you remember.) in her other new room box. I bought the two boxes at Hobby Lobby, to be her home. The wonderful metal furniture, I got at Codi's. The other items in the room are the ones I got from enakitty recently.
Right now, the boxes are just plain, but I do plan to put in changeable wallpaper and decorate for Halloween very soon.
I am soooo tired this evening. I managed to get the HEAVY treadmill moved from the computer/art room to the back closet this afternoon, with Amy's help. I am SORE all over. Since it is so big and cumbersome, even when folded, that involved moving other furniture and boxes and debris that was in the long path to it's final destination. Then I emptied Shabree's bookcase, and moved it into the place where the treadmill was, since it is wider than the other one that I have in this room. I am trying to organize and declutter this place - or at least parts of it. This house has very, very little storage space at all. Anyway, things are a bigger mess right now that when I started, with displaced shelves and boxes and stuff moved into the hallway and living room. *sigh* BUT - progress is being made.

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At 10/19/2007 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess I knew it was just a matter of time before the demise of the treadmill. :) Mine is still up, but getting very lonesome.



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